Plugin Bugfixes Round 3

Hello, all! It’s time for another round of bugfixes and updates!

If you’re unfamiliar with how to update plugins, you can watch the above video learn how to do so. There’s been a few more bugfixes my plugins. Thank you all for keeping an eye out for these bugs! Some of these plugins are huge, so things can elude me, but with explorative users like you all, we can work together to solve these issues!

Plugin Updates as of launch to This Post

To download all available plugins, click here.

To see what changes were made~ 

Core Engine: v1.00 to v1.02
– Fixed a bug that where if button sprites had different anchors, they would not be properly clickable. *Fixed by Zalerinian*
– Fixed a bug that made screen fading on mobile devices work incorrectly (again).
– Added ‘Scale Battlebacks‘ and ‘Scale Title‘ parameters.

Battle Engine Core: v1.00 to v1.03
– Skills and items that affect both HP and MP will now show popups for both.
– Fixed a bug where the help window would retain descriptions on no skills.
– Synched up weapons with actor sprites so they would occur simultaneously.
– Fixed an issue where requesting certain motions from enemies that don’t exist would cause them to crash.
– Added ‘Wait for Effect‘ action sequence.
– Actions now wait for effects (such as collapsing) to be done before continuing on with battle or to end battle.

Action Sequence Pack 1: v1.00 to v1.03
– Fixed a small bug that didn’t allow Change Variable to work properly with evaluated strings.
– Fixed a bug that didn’t make the sounds played work properly.
– Fixed a bug that didn’t make the sounds played work properly (again).

Equip Core: v1.00 to v1.02
– Fixed a bug that did not update the stats properly when compared.
– Fixed an issue that did not keep HP and MP rates the same when using the optimize and clear commands.
– Fixed an issue that resulted in null object errors.

Item Core: v1.00 to v1.03
– Fixed bug where if you are using no independent pieces of equipment, actors would fail to start with initial equipment.
– Fixed a bug where initializing equipment slots didn’t work properly.
– Fixed a bug where using events to remove independent items weren’t working properly and instead added more items.
– Fixed a bug where a Random Variance of 0 still gave random stats.

Message Core: v1.00 to v1.02
– Added ‘Description Wrap’ into the parameters to allow for all item descriptions to be automatically processed with word wrapping.
– Namebox Window’s overlap feature that’s in every MV window is now disabled to allow for overlapping with main message window.
– Updated window positioning for Branch Choices, Number Input, and Item Selection windows.

Skill Cooldowns: v1.00 to v1.01
– Cooldowns can now be applied to skills that aren’t learned by the actor.

Happy RPG Making!