Plugin Updates 173~

A couple of plugins have been updated. The Class Change Core and Row Formation plugins have gained a new plugin parameter. The ‘Auto Add Menu’ parameter allows you to decide if you wish for the plugin itself to handle adding the command to the main menu itself. This is for Main Menu Manager users who wish to add the commands themselves without the plugin interfering.

The Counter Control plugin gets a couple of bugfixes. The Eval condition didn’t work previously. Now it should. The default MV counter used to also trigger upon magical attacks. Now it will be physical only.

The Equip Battle Skills get a crash fixed when no skill would exist.

The Steal & Snatch plugin gets a new Lunatic Mode notetag that triggers upon successfully stealing any item unique to that skill.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.05.19~

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To download all available plugins, click here.