Plugin Updates 185~

A couple of bug fixes have been made today.

The Damage Core update gets an update to the plugin parameters that was incorrect. It changed default parameter in Damage Step 4 from ‘baseDamage = this.modifyBaseDamage(value, baseDamage, target);’ to ‘value = this.modifyBaseDamage(value, baseDamage, target);’ Be sure to manually change this yourself if you want to get things like the Selection Control’s Disperse Damage mechanic to work.

Actor Party Switch now no longer shows TP if you have TP Display checked off in the Database System tab. This is to maintain consistency throughout your GUI.

Steal & Snatch now has the <Steal Rate: +/-x%> notetags working. Previously, it didn’t add the bonus to the right spot. This should be fixed as of now.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.06.19~

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