Plugin Updates #190~

Quite a few bug fixes today.

Extended Message Pack 1 gets a bug fix that caused pan and pitch variance to not calculate properly, making the pan and pitch near double the value it should have been.

The Battle Engine Core gets an update to the sorting algorithm for sprites as to not cause the backgrounds to be on top of one another in case an excessively high animation occurs.

The State Categories and Selection Control plugins get an update to accomodate for the <Cannot Select> notetag. Under certain circumstances, if there exists an unselectable character, it can cause a game over to proc.

The Skill Core gets a documentation update for the <Hide if Learned Skill: x> notetag.

Weapon Unleash gets a bug fix. Previously, if a battler is afflicted with berserk, charm, or confusion and they use a scope other than a single target action, the scope will now be adjusted to fit the scope of the action if it targets multiple enemies or allies.

And last but not least, Slippery Tiles gets a fix and added anti-crash for switch checks from battle tests.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.07.10~

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