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Share Life is a skill from Summoners War that evens out the HP percentage of all allies and throws in an additional 15% heal, too! Here’s how you can make this skill!

Get the copy/paste version of the code here: 

Place this inside of your skill notebox. Replace the text in red with settings that fit your game.

<Before Eval>
// Check if the shared life rate has been defined.
if (this._sharedLifeRate === undefined) {
  // If it hasn't. Set it to 0.
  this._sharedLifeRate = 0;
  // Get the alive members of the party.
  var members = this.friendsUnit().aliveMembers();
  // Loop through each member.
  for (var i = 0; i < members.length; ++i) {
    // Get the current member.
    var member = members[i];
    // Add the member's current HP rate.
    this._sharedLifeRate += member.hpRate();
  // Once the loop is done, divide the total by the number of members to get the average.
  this._sharedLifeRate /= members.length;
  // Add to it 15%.
  this._sharedLifeRate += 0.15;
</Before Eval>

<After Eval>
// Check if the target is alive.
if (target.isAlive()) {
  // If the target is, calculate the target HP to bring the target to.
  var targetHp = Math.floor(this._sharedLifeRate * target.mhp);
  // Calculate the difference between the target's current HP and target HP.
  var difference = targetHp - target.hp;
  // If the difference is larger than 0...
  if (difference > 0) {
    // Play a healing animation.
  // If the target is less than 0...
  } else if (difference < 0) {
    // Play a damage animation.
  // Check if the difference is not 0...
  if (difference !== 0) {
    // Alter the target's HP.
    // Start the damage popup.
    // Clear the results.
</After Eval>

Happy sharing!

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