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In Pokémon, paralysis is a common status effect. However, unlike what paralysis does in RPG Maker MV, the Pokémon version gives the battler an attempt to complete an attack with a 25% chance of failing. Here’s how you can recreate such an effect in RPG Maker MV!

You can find the copy/paste version of the code here:

Place this inside of your Paralyze status effect’s notebox. Change the values in red to fit your game.

// Disables instant skills from paralyze as to not abuse the mechanic.
<Cancel Instant Skill: 1 to 2000>
<Cancel Instant Item: 1 to 2000>

<Custom Action Start Effect>
// Set the paralyze success rate.
var paralyzeRate = 0.25;
// Make a random number check to see if paralyze passes...
if (Math.random() < paralyzeRate) {
  // If it does, play the paralyze animation on the target.
  // Check for the user's current action...
  if (user.currentAction()) {
    // And make the user consume its resources.
  // Clear the user's actions making the user lose the actions.
  // Get the log window from battle.
  var logWindow = SceneManager._scene._logWindow;
  // Check if the paralyze state has text in message 3
  if (state.message3) {
    // If it does, create a message based on it.
    var msg = '<CENTER>' + + state.message3;
    // Add the text to the log window to display in battle.
  // Make the battle wait for the paralysis animation to finish playing.
  // Clear the log window.
</Custom Action Start Effect>

Happy shocking!

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