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In League of Legends, there’s an item called the Hexdrinker which will protect the user with a shield, if the user were to take magic damage that reduces HP under 30% Max Health. Here’s how to recreate the effect in RPG Maker MV!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: 

Place the following code into your Hexdrinker state’s notebox. Change the values in red to fit your game.

<Custom Regenerate Effect>
// Default the Hexdrinker's cooldown to 0.
user._hexdrinkerCooldown = user._hexdrinkerCooldown || 0;
// If the Hexdrinker's cooldown is greater than 0...
if (user._hexdrinkerCooldown > 0) {
  // Then decrease its cooldown.
  user._hexdrinkerCooldown -= 1;
</Custom Regenerate Effect>

<Custom Respond Effect>
// Default the Hexdrinker's cooldown to 0.
target._hexdrinkerCooldown = target._hexdrinkerCooldown || 0;
// Check if the action dealt magical HP damage and if the target's current HP rate is under 30%. Also check if there is no cooldown on the Hexdrinker.
if (this.isMagical() && target.result().hpDamage > 0 && target.hpRate() <= 0.30 && target.hp >= 0 && target._hexdrinkerCooldown <= 0) {
  // The amount of points for the absorption barrier.
  var barrier = 250;
  // How many turns the barrier will last.
  var turns = 3;
  // Make the target gain barrier points for those turns.
  target.gainBarrier(barrier, turns);
  // Set the cooldown for the Hexdrinker.
  target._hexdrinkerCooldown = 5;
  // Play an animation on the target.
</Custom Respond Effect>

Happy hexdrinking!

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