Plugin Update #200!

The 200th plugin update is here!!! There’s quite a few plugins updated today~

The Battle A.I. Core and Change Battle Equip received optimization updates.

The Battle Engine Core gets an update to work with compatible functions for other plugins.

The Buffs & States Core gets a bug fixed involving Lunatic state effects not occuring in the right order when a state is removed.

The Selection Control plugin gets a fix for an exploit with skills that gain TP across Disperse Damage.

Skill Cooldowns gets a compatibility update with Equip Battle Skills and a documentation update.

Auto Passive States gets a new plugin parameter for Global Passives that affect both enemies and actors for those who wish to keep them the same and not within the each plugin parameter.

Slippery Tiles gets a “Slippery Speed” plugin parameter to let you change the speed of a character when its on a slippery tile.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.09.18~

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To download all available plugins, click here.