Plugin Updates #205

Quite a number of plugins to be updated tonight:

I was trying an experiment with the Core Engine v1.20 to see if I can get the game running faster by clearing garbage data from the Map and Battle scenes. Turns out the experiment was successful so I made a tweak to it clear from all scenes as a whole. Users have reported that memory consumption has been drastically lower, too, so let’s hope this update makes an even bigger push.

The Damage Core plugin gets an update where I’ve ddded a failsafe for the damage cap check in case Lunatic Mode effects of other plugins would push the damage past the capped amount. The check will occur twice: calculation of the base damage and the once again before the actual damage is delivered. Lunatic Mode effects will occur before the actual damage delivery, which means Lunatic Mode effects will no longer bypass the damage cap.

The Party Limit Gauge, Battle Statistics, and Enhanced TP plugins are now modified to calculate based on the amount of damage actually received rather than the raw damage to be received. This is because raw damage to be received can potentially be affected by Lunatic Mode effects, which isn’t optimal for accurate calculations.

The Item Core gets an optimization update.

And finally, the Grid-Free Doodads plugin gets a couple of updates. One of them is to adjust the window height for certain doodad settings to actually fit on the screen. Somehow, I’ve missed this before and some settings windows can go off the screen if the resolution isn’t large enough. This is now fixed. The second update is to future-proof the plugin. The settings window is now updated (and rearranged a bit) to allow for future Doodad Extensions to be made without much trouble. Hope you’re all looking forward to it!

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.10.30~

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