Plugin Updates #206

Hi, RPG Makers! A couple of plugin updates today!

Auto Passive States gets a functionality update. <Custom Passive Condition> to now affect passive state ID’s added by Equip Battle Skills.

Enhanced TP gets a new plugin parameter: ‘Dead TP Gain’ plugin parameter. Enabling this will allow dead actors to gain TP from TP modes while in battle. Disabling this will prevent dead actors from doing so.

Equip Battle Skills gets an optimization update to make raw skill data collection faster and less laggy when there are 100+ equippable skills (unlikely that anyone will use this plugin to utilize 100+ equippable skills but you never know…)

Grid-Free Doodads gets an update that adjusted calculations for grid-snapping when graphic resolutions aren’t divisible by tile width or height (usually 48). Previously, it made the grid-snap calculations off by 1 pixel, which can make a big difference. Big thanks to Quite Toxick for finding this one.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.11.06~

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