Plugin Updates #207

Four plugins got updated tonight!

The Battle Engine Core gets a bug fixed where actors removed midway through battle would remain in the active battler pool. This will no longer be the case.

Item Synthesis gains Lunatic Mode and added <Custom Synthesis Effect> Lunatic Mode notetag. This notetag will allow unique effects to occur when synthesizing certain items. For example, if you made a certain potion, you may get empty bottles as a side product.

Passive Aura Effects gets some new notetags that affect specifically alive or dead allies. Alive aura effects will affect only members with at least 1 HP and not affected by the dead state. Dead aura effects will affect members with either 0 HP or have the dead state.

For Equip Battle Skills, a bug was fixed that caused equipped skills to not list their applied states.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.11.13~

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To download all available plugins, click here.