Plugin Updates #208

There’s a couple of plugin updates tonight.

The Core Engine gets a new update to go with the 1.3.2 through 1.3.4 update changes. As many of you may already know, RPG Maker MV shifted to Pixi4 from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2. As a result, some sprites worked differently. In the case that affects the Core Engine plugin, the Tiling Sprite, which is responsible for battle backs, has been changed differently. Those using the scale battle backs option will most likely observe a shift in the sprite’s direction and whatnot. Personally, I think the Tiling Sprite is unnecessary for those using scaled battle backs so a whole sprite setup is used for those with that option. As such, the battle backs will be using regular sprites that are far more controllable (and less likely to break from future updates) than Tiling Sprites (which are more likely to be changed).

That said, while none of the YEP plugins will be affected by this change, anyone who is using Scaled Battle Backs and using plugins that may alter battle backs my experience some incompatibilities. For that, I apologize. But if that is really the case, then the only thing I can really suggest for you to do is to disable Scaled Battle Backs, manually scale the battle backs yourselves, so that way, the default code is used instead. After all, Scaled Battle Backs is made for the convenience of not having to deal with all the trouble of having to manually scale graphics on your own. But if other plugins are causing incompatibilities, then I’m afraid you’ll have to resolve the answer on your own.

The Save Core gets an update that made saving to web keys not working properly. This issue is resolved as of this update.

Weapon Unleash gets a bug fixed for replaced attacks that do not have a selection target. This bug is only present if you use Weapon Unleash without the Target Core and Selection Core plugins. Either way, this bug is fixed as of this update.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.12.04~

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