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Holy Knight’s Pride is a passive ability from Final Fantasy Record Keeper. When it’s applied to a user, certain skills that belong to a skill type when used by the user will deal additional damage. Here’s how to recreate this effect in RPG Maker MV!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: Insert the following code into your Holy Knight’s Pride passive state’s notebox. Change the values in red to reflect your game’s settings!

<Custom Passive Condition>
// Default the initial condition to false.
condition = false;
// Check if the party is in battle.
if ($gameParty.inBattle()) {
  // Then set the condition to true.
  condition = true;
</Custom Passive Condition>

<Custom Confirm Effect>
// Check if the action is a skill that deals HP damage
if (this.isSkill() && this.isHpEffect() && value > 0) {
  // Get the skill type for Knight skills
  var skillType = 8;
  // Check if this action's skill type matches the Knight skill type ID
  if (this.item().stypeId === skillType) {
    // Calculate the bonus damage dealt
    var bonus = Math.ceil(value * 0.30);
    // Apply the bonus damage
    value += bonus;
</Custom Confirm Effect>


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