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Gravity is a recurring spell in the Final Fantasy series. It’s got the unique effect of reducing a percentage of the target’s current HP. However, what happens if the target is a boss? We’ll make the skill damage affect bosses differently in that they use a regular damage formula instead! Here’s how we can reproduce this effect in RPG Maker MV!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: 

Insert the following Lunatic Mode code into your skill’s notebox. Change the values in red to reflect your game’s settings.

<Damage Formula>
// Check if the target is a boss
if (b.isStateCategoryAffected('boss')) {
  // Damage formula used if the target is a boss.
  value = a.mat * 6;
} else {
  // Damage formula used if the target isn't a boss.
  value = b.hp * 0.50;
</Damage Formula>


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