Tips & Tricks – Circle of Radiant Glory (Champions Online) – RPG Maker MV

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In Champions Online, when a user affected by Radiant Glory dies, the user will revive a few turns after his or her death. The user will be revived based on how much MP was consumed during casting and then a cooldown appears. Here’s how to make the effect in RPG Maker MV!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: 

Insert the following Lunatic Mode code into your skill’s notebox. Change the value in red to fit your game’s settings.

<Custom Requirement>
// Check if the user is affected by Radiant Glory
if (user.isStateAffected(301)) {
  // Then disable the skill
  value = false;
</Custom Requirement>

Insert the following Lunatic Mode code into your state’s notebox. Change the value in red to fit your game’s settings.

<Category: Bypass Death Removal>

<Custom Apply Effect>
// Set the radiant glory dead turns to 0
user._radiantGloryDeadTurns = 0;
// Calculate the amount of MP spent divided by 4
user._radiantGloryMp = Math.ceil( / 4);
// Make the user lose that much MP
// Show the MP lost in a popup
// Clear the results
</Custom Apply Effect>

<Custom Remove Effect>
// Clear the death turns
user._radiantGloryDeadTurns = undefined;
// Clear the MP stored
user._radiantGloryHp = undefined;
</Custom Remove Effect>

<Custom Turn End Effect>
// Check if the user is dead.
if (user.isDead()) {
  // Default the number of turns user has been dead to 0
  user._radiantGloryDeadTurns = user._radiantGloryDeadTurns || 0;
  // Increase it by 1
  user._radiantGloryDeadTurns += 1;
  // If the user has reached 2 turns of being dead...
  if (user._radiantGloryDeadTurns >= 2) {
    // Default the amount of MP spent
    user._radiantGloryMp = user._radiantGloryMp || 1;
    // Make the user gain HP based on 4 times the amount of MP spent
    user.gainHp(user._radiantGloryMp * 4);
    // Start the damage popup
    // Clear the user's results
    // Play an animation on the user
    // Remove the Radiant Glory state
    // Get the Radiant Glory skill ID
    var skillId = 863;
    // Get the number of turns to put it on cooldown
    var turns = 10;
    // Set the cooldown
    user.setCooldown(skillId, turns);
</Custom Turn End Effect>