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In the popular mobile game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, General Leo’s soul break attack attacks all enemies but deals more damage when less are present. In addition to that, it also deals Holy or Non-Elemental damage, depending on which element deals more damage. Here’s how we can create this effect in RPG Maker!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: 

Insert the following code into your Shock skill’s notebox. Change the values in red to reflect your game’s settings.

<Damage Formula>
// Check if the damage has already been calculated
if (this._calculatedBaseDmg) {
  // Set the damage to the cached amount
  value = this._calculatedBaseDmg;
// Otherwise
} else {
  // Get the total number of enemies
  var totalEnemies = target.friendsUnit().aliveMembers().length;
  // If there is 1 enemy total
  if (totalEnemies === 1) {
    // Use this formula
    this._calculatedBaseDmg = user.atk * 16;
  // If there are 2 enemies in total
  } else if (totalEnemies === 2) {
    // Use this formula
    this._calculatedBaseDmg = user.atk * 8;
  // If there are 3 enemies in total
  } else if (totalEnemies === 3) {
    // Use this formula
    this._calculatedBaseDmg = user.atk * 4;
  // if there are 4 or more
  } else {
    // Use this formula
    this._calculatedBaseDmg = user.atk * 2;
  // Set the value equal to the calculated amount
  value = this._calculatedBaseDmg;
</Damage Formula>

// Use multiple elements
<Multiple Elements: 6, 13>
// Set the damage rule to the highest multiplier
<Multi-Element Rule: Highest>


Happy RPG Making!

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