Plugin Updates 2017.03.26

Some plugins have been updated! Mostly for the newer plugins and some unforeseen bugs that have gotten through!

The Extended Message Pack gets a documentation update. There were some errors in the help file. They’re corrected now. 🙂

The Battle Engine Core gets a bug fixed where the enemy name windows disappear if you change scenes mid-way through battle and return to it.

The Battle System – STB plugin gets a bug fix that caused escaping to crash the game if not using STB.

Turn Order Display gets three fixes: Fixed some bugs that caused crashes when returning to the battle scene. Fixed a bug that altered the order flow during a Surprise Attack or a Preemptive Attack for battle advantage. Made turn order display not cover up certain windows.

Improved Battlebacks gets a bug fixed that wasn’t returning the proper sequence checks with action sequences.

The Area of Effect plugin receives a plugin update to provide checks against certain selection condition types used with YEP_X_SelectionControl. Unique conditions will disable AoE types to prevent clashing which include enemy/actor switching, certain rows, and toggling between single/multiple. There’s simply too many mechanic conflicts here that I’ll have to post pone looking at them for a later date.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2017.03.26~

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To download all available plugins, click here.