Res Judicata: Vale of Myth Trailer – by Blue Booth Studios

Heya, all! We have a nice announcement to make! A fellow RPG Maker has just finished and released a game! 😀 Here’s the trailer for Res Judicata: Vale of Myth Trailer, by Blue Booth Studios! Congratulations on your release!

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Res Judicata, or RJ for short, is a 2D comical JRPG, set in an alternate-history Earth in 1315 AD, shortly after the Pope dissolves the Templar Order. Blending the best aspects of western and eastern RPGs and boasting an average playtime of 20 – 30 hours; RJ showcases mythologies, locations and cultures around the globe! Those tired of playing pest-control will be thrilled to hear there are no rats, bats, or orcs here; Vale of Myth’s bestiary is a collection of hand-picked mythological creatures from many cultures. New to JRPGs? No problem! RJ encourages new players with a number of accessibility, difficulty, help, and save options. Take on the role of Garbhan, Scottish Highlander, as he battles (and drinks) his way across the old world. During his journey, Garbhan will join forces with three dysfunctional companions, including Francis, a bard notorious for his utter lack of singing talent, and Daron, a chivalrous ex-knight notorious for his skirt-chasing. Find a trove of hidden treasures and secrets and unravel the mystery of powers interested in these odd heroes, why spirit travel with them, and why ancient evils stir once more!

– Explore interpretations of real-world locations, monsters and myths!
– Strong multi-layered story with complex characters and motives!
– 16-bit art with post-processing lighting and procedural fog!
– Beautiful soundtrack combining strong melodies with indigenous instruments!
– Multiple combat, and puzzle difficulties and optional iron-man mode!
– Closed-captioning, toggle screen flashes, color-blind friendly damage numbers, and context sensitivity popup accessibility features!
– Supports keyboard, mouse (menus), and game-pad, with fully-rebindable controls!
– Player friendly; full in-game help manual, pop-up term explanation, quest log and hint systems*!
– Never forget to save with auto-save, save points, and manual save anywhere!
– Battle against 68 different monsters and fiendish bosses!
– Customize heroes by learning trained skills!
– Achievements contribute bonuses to heroes!

Happy RPG Making!

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