An Announcement

Heya, all! How’s everyone doing?

I’ll have to cut to the chase a bit and deliver some bad news…

As of late, I’ve been overworking myself (again) and the signs have finally started showing up for the past week. I managed to haul myself to the doctor this morning to get a check up and I may end up getting some serious health issues again if I don’t keep this overworking in check. The good news is, this time, I’ve caught it early ahead of time.

I probably didn’t realize it, but ever since Tigress and Chickie left the team and I took over their spots, the amount of extra work started to build up again. Across the course of a half year, combined with my full time day job, I’ve ended up reaching that overworked status again. ><

As you can guess, I may have to cut down the amount of work I put into RPG Maker again, but for health reasons, I’ll be taking a small break this month. I’ve already taken a sick leave from work for the following two weeks after this one so I’ll be doing the same for RPG Maker…

That is to say, I will be finishing the plugin scheduled to be released this Friday for you all. But after that, it will be until January before I start working on RPG Maker again. With that in mind, I will be making some changes to the usual routine coming January 2018, though I’m unsure of what just yet. Naturally, I will go through it with you guys first so that nothing will be a complete surprise.

I also want to thank you all for your continued support and passion! Being able to share this passion for RPG Making that we love so much is what drives me to constantly work on new plugins and whatnot with you all! But beyond that, I would also like to remind you all to mind your health. Don’t let it suffer. Getting enough sleep, eating properly, and maintaining your body is just as important to your game’s development as your own passion. Passion is a double-edged sword that drives us forward to making progress but also blinds us to our limits. Remember to keep your passion in check and take care of yourselves, too.

I’ll be back now and then to post some updates on the situation. Don’t let me spoil your holidays and be sure to have some fun, too!