Lots of Plugin Updates


I’m sure many of you who have updated to MV version 1.6.0 or higher have encountered that error message. Why does it occur? It’s because ever since MV has updated to version 1.6.0 or above, it uses a newer version of NodeJS, the client that runs your game. For whatever reason, this version of NodeJS removed the isDevToolsOpen() function, making some of the code used in many of my plugins (64 to be exact) to leave behind this error message whenever custom but flawed code is entered in a script call or a Lunatic Mode segment. This issue is now “remedied” by just simply bypassing the check. You will still need to open up the Dev Tools window on your own using the F8 key to see the error stack that’s produced.

In any case, here’s the following plugins that have been affected and are now updated to have this issue fixed:

For main plugins:

For the extension plugins:

Whew! Be sure to take the time to update your plugins, everyone!

Happy RPG Making!