What kind of plugins do you want?


The plugin polls are back, although now, they’re Patreon exclusive! Part of the reason for this is to avoid vote manipulation, which was one of the main reasons why the original public plugin polls were removed. The other reason is due to Sylvester leaving the team and no longer managing the Lunatic Pack suggestion box. This was mostly brought on by Valryia’s question during the QnA video. And while I’m sure with over 170 plugins made in the Yanfly Engine Plugins library ready for MV is ready to tackle the majority of RPG’s out there, it’s still extremely likely that there’s a few ideas missing from here or there that people would like to see made! The plugin polls will also double as a miniature plugin suggestion box, too, where when plugins voted have winners selected, I’ll be putting up the suggestions that seem the most interesting, and boy do you all have a lot of interesting ideas from those previous suggestion boxes! The suggestion phase is still going on before the next poll takes place so if you’d like to participate, please consider supporting our team on Patreon! 😀