Core Engine and Battle Engine Core Updates

The Core Engine and Battle Engine Core plugins have been updated.

The Core Engine is updated for a number of reasons:

  • I’ve added in Olivia’s full error message from her Anti-Stress Plugin (with her permission of course). This is because even to this date, getting proper error messages from users is a task in and of itself. Being able to display the full thing without having to ask users to open up the console by F8 would be far better.
  • A bug has been fixed in the core MV code that causes blend modes to not take effect depending on bush depth.
  • The Tab key no longer requires you to press it twice before triggering any Tab-key related inputs.

The Battle Engine Core has been updated with a fail safe. For some reason, people are getting a furthestRight error and that’s been causing the Battle Engine Core to crash. Either way, this plugin update is going to fix that by adding in a fail safe.

Be sure to update them!