Restaff October 2018!


Goodness! That time of year has come again!

And we should all be afraid..
Very afraid..


We don’t allow the resources to be redistributed anywhere else.
If you want to share it, please direct them here instead!
Thank you for your patronage.


We will release each resources from individual artists for a few straight days.
Look forward for all the amazing resources everyone has in store!
By the end of the event, we’ll compile all resources into a master zip file.


WIthout further ado, let’s begin with Avery’s contribution of the finest spooks.
Creepy Dolls, Vampires and Tilesets await your calling.

The next update is highly inspired by the fantastical world of Alice in Wonderland by slimmmeiske2
Alice and the Queen of Hearts grace us with their presence!

Download the rest from the RPG Maker Web Restaff page! 😀