De’Vine: The Card Battles – by Stapleton

From our friend, Stapleton, who made De’Vine: World of Shadows, a card game!


A strategic CARD game with over 300+ unique cards to collect!
Many battles that also include boss battles for extra depth!
Fast paced and challenging!

Set forty years after the events of the last Dark Hero: Kuan, the world is at peace.
That is until the cards which were used to trap the essences of monsters start losing their
enchantment. Causing the seal to dissipate. Monsters start becoming unhinged and it is
up to a very skilled card master to track down the source of this evil and put an end to it!

Tower of Ascension: Ever increasing difficulty the higher up the tower
you go. How far up can you make it before you are squashed!?
Boss Battles: Battle against powerful creatures that will take your whole
lineup to destroy!
Over 300 unique cards to collect: Collect cards after each battle or essences
which you can use to buy more cards to add to your collection!
Endless card setup combinations!
Story set 40 years after the events of De’Vine: World of Shadows.
Completely voiced narration as you progress through the story.
NEW. Card elements:. Each card has an element and properties tied to them:
Earth: Immune to negative status effects.
Water: Heals adjacent cards when killed.
Fire: Gets an extra attack when under 50% life.
Air: Gains ability to dodge an attack every other turn.
Unliving: Immune to healing, but comes back to life on it’s own.
Angelic: Sacrifices itself to save a fallen card.
Life: Capacity is 1 lower than normal.