Action Sequence Fast Forward/Skip Plugin by Atelier Irina

Our talented plugin developer friend, Atelier Irina, made a new plugin for purchase! Action Sequence Fast Forward/Skip!


     Battle Action Sequences are lots of fun to watch. But for all players alike, seeing the same long-drawn out Battle Action Sequences for the hundredth time will get old. This plugin gives players the ability to fast forward or skip entire Battle Action Sequeneces altogether and show that you, as a game developer, respects the player’s time and decision on how they wish to play your game.

     You could change the buttons to perform these actions, but from the plugin’s default settings, you could fast forward by holding down the designated OK button (Z or Space on keyboard or holding the left mouse button down). To toggle Auto-Fast Forward, pressing Page Up or Q can do that or by pressing the Fast Forward button on the screen.

     If you haven’t changed the button setup, skipping animations can be done by holding down the designated Cancel Button (X or Escape on keyboard by the right mouse button). To toggle Auto-Skip Forward, pressing Page Down or W will toggle the Auto-Skip Forward feature or by pressing the Skip Forward button on the screen.

It’s on sale for a week. You can purchase it here!