RPG Maker Portal – Discord Server Launch

Hey, all! We are happy to announce that the RPG Maker Portal Discord is open to all!

You can find the invite link here:

This Discord server has been made by me and various well-known members of the RPG Maker community such as Aekashics, Archeia, Caz, Irina, Marimo, Liberty, Liquidize, MirageV, Ocean’s Dream, Olivia, Rhyme, Yanfly, and more. We decided to pool together the quality resources we’ve hand-picked and tutorials to share for everyone, too, so that this place not only becomes a bridge to other servers, but also a center of wealth and knowledge.

Our goal here is actually not to establish a community, but instead, a resourceful, knowledge-filled server where everything gets connected and bridged, allowing all connecting communities to benefit from it. Since we’ve been in the community for so long and our individual traffic volumes are pretty high, we thought it’d be great if we could share with you all to enjoy this traffic, too.

We recognized that we, as individuals, get a lot of traffic on our own, but don’t have a Discord server associated with us. Figuring out we can use that traffic to help you all with your own groups and servers, the Portal’s concept was established. If you have Discord servers of your own be it for your teams, games, etc. and are willing to get more members to join in, be sure to leave a link in the self promo sections such.

This is also a great way to share completed and demo games as well. Getting those initial players are hard and may be even harder than creating the actual game itself. This server should make exposing yourself far easier, too. Maybe even get a few beta testers in before completing the project and/or find new teammates to help you with your goal! Be sure to share with us your creations at the self promo channels, too.

Be sure the read the rules. They’re all easy to follow and I’m sure you’ll be having fun with your stay here before you find the community you truly belong in.

Tyler Warren has a Patreon now!


Our hand-drawn battler loving friend, Tyler Warren, has launched his patreon! For those who don’t know, he’s been working with RPG Maker creating battlers ever since 2013 and released hundreds of monsters to fight. Tyler has now decided to launch a Patreon to continue forth with his passion on creating monsters. Becoming a patron of his comes with benefits, too, but it’ll be better for you if you take a look directly from his Patreon page itself!

Visit Tyler Warren’s Patreon page here!

Core Engine + Other Plugins Updated

The Core Engine has been updated to reenable the screen jitter bug fix. Apparently, this was supposively fixed since RPG Maker MV version 1.3.4, but apparently it’s came back. Dunno when, but it did. So here we go again.

Two other plugins have been updated as well.

Quest Journal got updated to prevent a freeze bug.

Stat Allocation got updated to fix an exploit for free HP/MP recovery.

Download the full collection here.

Happy RPG Making!

Action Sequence Fast Forward/Skip Plugin by Atelier Irina

Our talented plugin developer friend, Atelier Irina, made a new plugin for purchase! Action Sequence Fast Forward/Skip!


     Battle Action Sequences are lots of fun to watch. But for all players alike, seeing the same long-drawn out Battle Action Sequences for the hundredth time will get old. This plugin gives players the ability to fast forward or skip entire Battle Action Sequeneces altogether and show that you, as a game developer, respects the player’s time and decision on how they wish to play your game.

     You could change the buttons to perform these actions, but from the plugin’s default settings, you could fast forward by holding down the designated OK button (Z or Space on keyboard or holding the left mouse button down). To toggle Auto-Fast Forward, pressing Page Up or Q can do that or by pressing the Fast Forward button on the screen.

     If you haven’t changed the button setup, skipping animations can be done by holding down the designated Cancel Button (X or Escape on keyboard by the right mouse button). To toggle Auto-Skip Forward, pressing Page Down or W will toggle the Auto-Skip Forward feature or by pressing the Skip Forward button on the screen.

It’s on sale for a week. You can purchase it here!

YEP.183 – Event Hitbox Resize – RPG Maker MV

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

You can grab the plugin here:

English Mirror

Support Team Yanfly on Patreon

Events usually have a 1×1 tile-large hitbox. However, in some cases, you’d eventually like to have a bigger object to interact with or would like to expand the reach of an event’s trigger area by a certain amount. This plugin allows you to adjust the sizes of any event’s hitbox through notetags and/or comment tags.

Plugin Updates for April 4, 2019

A couple of plugins have been updated today! They are as follows!

Battle Engine Core to version 1.50

Dragonbones Integration to version 1.06

You can download the whole plugin library here.

These were bugs pointed out and fixed by Irina. Thanks, Irina!

Bright Effects plugin from Fallen Angel Olivia


Our Octopath-loving plugin creator friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, has created a new plugin!

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that will allow you to add various bright effects to your game’s maps and battle system. These effects can make the game appear more vivid, light, and gives you control over the color settings of a particular map to make a more distinct feeling, too. The bright effects can be changed midway through events in both maps and battles, too.


It will be on sale for a week. Be sure to grab it!

Valiant Souls – Trailer – JRPG

Valiant Souls is a 2D indie RPG made by Mario and Rene, two guys from Austria who are passionate about RPGs.

Valiant Souls is a classic 2D pixel art RPG strongly building on it’s characters, world building and a unique character development system with original hand-drawn battle sprites and animations, a soundtrack featuring Lufia 2 composer Yasunori Shiono and professional Japanese voice actors in battle.

You can check out more and support their game on Patreon

Animated Loading Image plugin by Atelier Irina


Our visual novel-loving friend, Atelier Irina, made a new plugin for animated loading images!

The loading image for RPG Maker MV is static, meaning when a game freezes, it’s hard to tell if it’s still going or not. Having an animated loading image not only tells the player if the game is frozen, it also looks better, and can distract the player from the actual wait time. This plugin lets you make a spritesheet animation to use as your loading image.

It’ll be on sale for a week! You can buy it here!

Pixel Crawler I – The Crypt



Pixel Crawler is a brand new line of pixel art static monsters designed by Aekashics aimed for RPG development in any game engine!

Pixel Crawler I: The Crypt

  • 18 Static Monsters plus a bonus one for the Living Armor!
  • Ideal for low-res Pixel RPGs! Each monster Comes at base resolution (96×96), 200% and 400% upscales!

Download it today!

YEP.182 – Icons on Events – RPG Maker MV

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

You can grab the plugin here:

English Mirror

Support Team Yanfly on Patreon

Ever wanted to put icons on events and/or the player? With this plugin, you can easily do it through a notetag, comment tag, movement script, or script calls. The icons can be attached to either the target’s head or moved around with buffer values! Placing icons on events can be used for a variety of things, such as puzzles involving holding items or using icons to mark certain objects on the map. The possibilities are endless!

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Visustella Resource Pack: Modern City Vol. 01



Do you wish to create a game inspired by dating sims or modern indie adventure games? Do you like high res pixel art? With this pack, you can create a dating game or even survival horror! With a flexible palette that can be easily desaturated for a more serious feel or a bright cheery game, this pack is for you!

The pack contains 48×48 graphics with tall character sprites.

Contains the following assets:

  • A sample project!
  • A psd containing all tile materials for easy editing.
  • 1 Windowskin
  • 27 Character Sheets (including doors and vehicles)
  • 10 Tilesheets (A2-A4, 3 A5 Variations, B-E)

and best of all…

  • This asset pack is not restricted to RPG Maker!

You can get it over here!

De’Vine: The Card Battles – by Stapleton

From our friend, Stapleton, who made De’Vine: World of Shadows, a card game!


A strategic CARD game with over 300+ unique cards to collect!
Many battles that also include boss battles for extra depth!
Fast paced and challenging!

Set forty years after the events of the last Dark Hero: Kuan, the world is at peace.
That is until the cards which were used to trap the essences of monsters start losing their
enchantment. Causing the seal to dissipate. Monsters start becoming unhinged and it is
up to a very skilled card master to track down the source of this evil and put an end to it!

Tower of Ascension: Ever increasing difficulty the higher up the tower
you go. How far up can you make it before you are squashed!?
Boss Battles: Battle against powerful creatures that will take your whole
lineup to destroy!
Over 300 unique cards to collect: Collect cards after each battle or essences
which you can use to buy more cards to add to your collection!
Endless card setup combinations!
Story set 40 years after the events of De’Vine: World of Shadows.
Completely voiced narration as you progress through the story.
NEW. Card elements:. Each card has an element and properties tied to them:
Earth: Immune to negative status effects.
Water: Heals adjacent cards when killed.
Fire: Gets an extra attack when under 50% life.
Air: Gains ability to dodge an attack every other turn.
Unliving: Immune to healing, but comes back to life on it’s own.
Angelic: Sacrifices itself to save a fallen card.
Life: Capacity is 1 lower than normal.