Animated Pictures plugin for RPG Maker MV by Fallen Angel Olivia


Our friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, brings us yet another plugin for RPG Maker MV!

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that gives functionality to Show Picture events to display animated pictures. Animated pictures are shown in a sprite sheet format. There are looping controls and speed controls that can be used with these animated pictures.

And if you follow the Good Practices list found within the plugin page, you can maintain a near perfecf 60 FPS using animated pictures, too. Proof:

Download it from here.

Also, take a look at Fallen Angel Olivia’s other plugins!

Core Engine and Battle Engine Core Updates

The Core Engine and Battle Engine Core plugins have been updated.

The Core Engine is updated for a number of reasons:

  • I’ve added in Olivia’s full error message from her Anti-Stress Plugin (with her permission of course). This is because even to this date, getting proper error messages from users is a task in and of itself. Being able to display the full thing without having to ask users to open up the console by F8 would be far better.
  • A bug has been fixed in the core MV code that causes blend modes to not take effect depending on bush depth.
  • The Tab key no longer requires you to press it twice before triggering any Tab-key related inputs.

The Battle Engine Core has been updated with a fail safe. For some reason, people are getting a furthestRight error and that’s been causing the Battle Engine Core to crash. Either way, this plugin update is going to fix that by adding in a fail safe.

Be sure to update them!

Battle Effects Pack 2 plugin for RPG Maker MV by Fallen Angel Olivia

Our friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, brings us yet another plugin for RPG Maker MV!

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that adds more features to battle. These new features include a new critical hit flash coloration because the previous one is a slight red glow that is easy to miss. Damage popups have the option of having rolling numbers before they land on a finalized number. This is to help players in figuring out which numbers are still new when multiple popups appear at the same time. These two options can be turned off.

New notetag effects have been added. These notetag effects include giving parameter bonuses depending on how high or low HP currently is, a damage cut function that stacks additively on global damage or on certain elemental damage, the ability to overheal past a battler’s MaxHP, MaxMP, or MaxTP, a new notetag trait to allow switching two parameters with each other, and some notetags to ease the usage of Yanfly’s Buffs & States Core counters.

The OctoPack Battler sample project is also updated with the new plugin and updates to the OTB plugin (for compatibility with Dragonbones and synchronizing turn order flashing). Please take your time to look at the new features!

What kind of plugins do you want?


The plugin polls are back, although now, they’re Patreon exclusive! Part of the reason for this is to avoid vote manipulation, which was one of the main reasons why the original public plugin polls were removed. The other reason is due to Sylvester leaving the team and no longer managing the Lunatic Pack suggestion box. This was mostly brought on by Valryia’s question during the QnA video. And while I’m sure with over 170 plugins made in the Yanfly Engine Plugins library ready for MV is ready to tackle the majority of RPG’s out there, it’s still extremely likely that there’s a few ideas missing from here or there that people would like to see made! The plugin polls will also double as a miniature plugin suggestion box, too, where when plugins voted have winners selected, I’ll be putting up the suggestions that seem the most interesting, and boy do you all have a lot of interesting ideas from those previous suggestion boxes! The suggestion phase is still going on before the next poll takes place so if you’d like to participate, please consider supporting our team on Patreon! 😀

YEP.171 – Dynamic Title Images – RPG Maker MV

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

You can grab the plugin here:
English Dropbox
English Mirror

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Title images can do a lot to give your game a decent first impression. However, when they’re the same thing seen over and over during multiple loads, playthroughs, etc., they can get old pretty fast. This plugin gives you, the game developer, the ability to change the title screen image(s) to whatever you want during any point of the game you want, so that the next time your players return to the title screen, they’ll be treated with something new and refreshing!

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Librarium Extra – Crocodile Warriors


Today we see the release for Crocodile Warriors, as suggested by Gabriele Marzagalli over at patreon!

Bipedal crocodiles ready to fight for the glory of the crocodile king; the main team is composed by a paladin, a rogue and a mage. -Gabriele Marzagalli

Download it today!

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Librarium Monster suggestion box!

Map sprites, facesets and more!

Sacred Earth – Promise (Official Trailer) – by Sacred Star Team

Our friends at the Sacred Star Team, including the extremely talented MirageV, have a game they would like to share with us!

A warrior stands alone. A promise is forgotten. Today, that will change …

A mischievous mercenary from wintry Garenia and her long-suffering sister set aside their differences to compete in a tournament of arms. But when an old friend appears in the company of mysterious relic hunters, the past can no longer be denied. Sacred Earth – Promise is a four- to six-hour visual novel/RPG experience set within a fantasy world of floating continents and ancient ruins, with a dynamic custom battle system and a compelling cast of characters.


· Three playable characters with their own animated sprites and special attacks.

· Tactical, fast-paced combat: Utilize multiple-hit Chain attacks to build up your EX Gauge and expend it to unleash powerful Burst attacks or heal with EX Recover.

· Two ways to explore: transition between traditional tile maps and the original boardgame-style Symbol Map system for dungeon navigation. Manage your Travel Points to evade traps and gain the initiative in battles, and enjoy party interactions in the field.

– 10 side quests, including clever puzzles and challenging optional battles.

– 21 full-color CGs.

· An engaging presentation with moving portraits that displays conversations between up to four characters at once, with anytime-save and backlog features.

· Fully explore the game’s world and quests and unlock the true ending.

Download the Demo on Steam!

Sep 30 2018 OctoPack Battler Big Update 3

Our friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, has a new update to her OctoPack Battler Sample Project!

Some more content has been added into the sample project and OctoPack Battler today!

An update has been made to Order Turn Battle. I’ve received some reports of certain Yanfly’s Buffs & States Core Lunatic Mode codes failing to work properly with Order Turn Battle. I don’t know why this happens, but I suspect it has to do with turn order calculation. This comes as a big surprise to me because I use a lot of Lunatic Mode notetags inside the sample project, too, and they have been working fine as far as I can tell. But since I cannot know how every single user is placing their notetags inside their projects, I have made a fail safe to organize it properly to prevent future problems with it.

That is the only major change I have done to the plugin code itself. Now, I will explain the new content added to the sample project!

The Trickster is the newest class I’ve added to the sample project. It has 8 new skills added to it!

This is Yanfly’s Jump Tips & Tricks added into the sample project to show it does indeed work with OTB despite what many people claim otherwise. This skill makes the user jump into the air for 2 turns, becoming untargetable. After 2 turns is up, the user falls down from the sky and lands on the selected enemy, dealing critical damage to it.

The Trickster is a class that brings in a lot of mechanics from the Persona series by using Yanfly’s Lunatic Mode alone! It can give an ally a state that makes a special effect: if the ally hits an enemy’s weakness, that ally will gain an extra action immediately after, as long as the enemy’s weakness hasn’t been exploited already during that turn.

There is a hidden passive effect, too: if all enemies become stunned by having their Break Shields reach 0, the Trickster will ask you if you want to do an All-Out Attack, which brings in the total ATK power of the party to deal damage to the enemy.

If you want to add the Trickster to your party, you can find him in the bar in the sample project!

This is a pretty unique class! It also shows the type of potential gameplay that can happen with different mechanics added to it like Persona’s 1-More system and All-Out Attack. Please take your time exploring the the new features!

You can check out the article here!

Battle System STB Bug Fix Update and Comparing Battle Systems

YEP.130 - Battle System - STB

It’s been brought to my attention multiple times across the past few months that there’s been bugs with STB and forced actions. This has been finally fixed as of today’s update. Or rather, it’s been fixed for about a week ago, but has been in testing throughout the week before I decided to make it official. This is mostly thanks to Olivia asking me various questions in the making of her OTB battle system, which made me go back to reference STB on where to go for her as the two systems are very similar. Not only are forced actions fixed but so are instant casts for enemies, too. This, too, is also thanks to my interactions with Olivia once again.

You can get the updated and fixed version of the STB plugin here.

That said, I can imagine many of you have questions in regards to this update. Three of which, I can picture already so I’ll go ahead and answer them.

1. Does this mean you will continue to support STB once again?

I won’t say it will leave the discontinued status, but rather, it will be subject to bug fixes when the opportunity arises. After all, the three points made in this post remain true even in the current situation. The recent update to STB is what I consider to be an exception to the rule, if only to tie up loose ends.

2. Will you add in Action Times+ to STB?

Short answer: no. Long answer: It’s not something that fits in the scheme of STB due to the constant reliance and cyclical calculation of the AGI stat to determine the turn order (as that is an integral part of what makes STB work). The other reason is that the update to STB is mostly to tie up loose ends, as answered by the previous question, not an update to continue support and eventually add more features to it. However, if Action Times+ is a big part of your battle system and you would like for it to play a big role, STB would need to drop off the AGI stat’s influence on the turn order for it to be possible. When this happens, it actually becomes Olivia’s OTB battle system. I recommend you give that a try.

3. What is the difference between CTB, STB, and OTB?

This is a question I’ve seen asked often. And as it’s asked often, it’s better that it gets answered properly, as it is the responsibility of the game’s developer to understand each of the facets that govern his/her game’s mechanics.

CTB: Charge Turn Battle is a tick-based battle system. This means there are no such thing as a “battle turn” count. While “battle turns” are added in artificially through the plugin to just tie in the works of the Troop Event Condition, “battle turns” do not fundamentally play a role in determining the turn order of everything. In place of turn counts, “ticks” are used instead where a tick is a singular calculation that determines the proper positioning and relativity of each unit to each other in the grand scheme of calculating the turn order to determine which unit will have an action earlier or later. These “ticks” can be thought of as a clock ticking in seconds, only that the time in between battlers is removed and the time during a battler’s input is frozen. The said ticks will govern state “turns”, too, as they are automatically converted into ticks. In CTB, AGI is the king, the single most important stat in the whole game. A unit with a high enough AGI can potentially have multiple action turns before a unit with far lower AGI and will outlap the slower unit even after. With this in mind, CTB is the hardest to balance AGI out of the three mentioned battle systems thanks to “haste” and “slow” states being able to completely throw the battle system’s balance out the window.

STB: Part of the reason why CTB is so hard to balance properly is due to the fact that the editor is built completely around turn-based combat. STB makes a return to that from the tick-based STB back to turn-based. STB will also attempt to artificially balance the AGI stat by utilizing the rule of the “battle turn” imposed on by the battle system: Each unit is only allowed one turn by default regardless of their AGI value. Units with higher AGI values go earlier while units with lower AGI values go later. Because of this rule, AGI still has an immensely strong grasp on the battle system but not as strong as CTB did. AGI is constantly being calculated after each action to restructure the turn order in order to keep the balance and flow of the battle system. Exceptions can exist to this rule like Instant Casts, but Action Times+ aren’t as they are fundamentally different. In STB, those who stack AGI either before or during battle will often come out on top provided everything else is balanced. Maintaining “haste” on the player party and “slow” on the enemy troop is the key and core way of winning in nearly any game that uses STB and gives access to those play states/buffs.

OTB: Like STB, OTB is turn-based instead of being tick-based. However, it does a couple of interesting things.

  1. First, it maintains a mild dependence on AGI. Each unit’s AGI is only used for the calculation of the initial turn order when it’s being made and nothing else. Any changes to a unit’s AGI once the turn has started will not influence that unit’s position in the turn order, unlike STB. At least, not until the next time AGI is used for calculating the unit’s position in the turn order.
  2. The second thing of interest, however, is that instead of using one turn order to calculate the order of the units, it actually uses two: the current turn and the next turn. This means when turns are calculated, it actually does it for the next turn whenever a battle turn rolls over. This means the new “current turn” was the previous “next turn”. What makes this interesting is that this means that AGI changes not only do not affect the current turn nor the next turn, but instead, are effective only after the turn following the next turn. This makes changing AGI during battle seem nearly delayed, yet, that doesn’t actually happen… But why is that?
  3. That brings us to the third thing of interest: because OTB has a mild hold on AGI and thrives on utilizing two turn orders, it becomes the ideal candidate for a mechanic called Turn Order Manipulation. Having two turn orders (and visible) allows for the player to manipulate it calculatingly. And because AGI only affects the initial calculation of the order in the turns, the player does not have to worry about a sudden reversal due to a change in a unit’s AGI. Changes to the turn order through manipulation are there to stay unless further manipulated by other similar effects or when a new turn is to occur. This makes the manipulation only temporary and not lingering but still remains impactful.

So what does this say about OTB? Its mild AGI dependency, flexible turn order mechanics, and all around openness to turn order changes means that it’s actually NOT a battle system where the only way to combat AGI is to get better AGI (which is seen in the case of CTB and STB). And because of the all around openness in the battle system, things like Action Times+ can be utilized and included into it and flow just fine. So what anyone can conclude is that out of the three battle systems we’ve compared, OTB is the most AGI-balanced and flexible.

This isn’t to say OTB isn’t going to be without problems. In fact, making a battle system flawless is next to impossible. Not all plugins or the Tips & Tricks effects we’ve learned and made will be necessarily compatible with it. However, this isn’t the fault of OTB, but instead, the fault of RPG Maker MV’s original battle structure. A lot of the original battle structure throws a lot of chaos into making it structurally compatible with old and/or future plugins. Fortunately, by Olivia tying her OTB to the Battle Engine Core, a lot of potential plugin compatibility issues are fixed but not all.

Whew, typed a lot more than I expected to. While I am definitely in favor of OTB, I also recognize that for certain games out there, CTB or STB is better suited for them. For this reason alone, I made these small updates to STB to hopefully make the lives of some certain people a little easier.

Item Concoctions plugin for RPG Maker MV by Fallen Angel Olivia


Our friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, brings us yet another plugin! Item Concoctions! This plugin basically gives you the “Mix” ability from Final Fantasy games!

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that adds a “Concoct” command to any actor you want in battle. Concoct allows the actor to combine together two items to make a new item effect. Concoctions will be composed of a primary component, secondary component, and a resulting effect.

There is also an Item Concoction Preview Window that comes with this plugin. It can be enabled or disabled (up to you). It will display the resulting effect of the two mixed items together if the concoction combination has been made before. If it hasn’t, the effects will be hidden.

You can get it here or visit her page for other plugins made by her!

KemonoQ v 1.1 by Ækashics

Our friend, Ækashics, has revamped the old KemonoQ for some more awesome! 😀 Give the new demo a try!

KemonoQ is a dungeon crawler focused around equippable passive and powerful active effects. This is KemonoQ’s revamped demo, developed based on feedback we got back during its initial concept demo release. Since then a lot has changed, featuring rebalanced mechanics, improvements to the battle flow, new graphics and all around new content!

Download it today over at


Concept, Story & Art – Aekashics
Game Design, Mechanics & Implementation – Yanfly & Aekashics
Programming – Yanfly
Additional Programming – Liquidize
Music – LucStamrah
Production – Vistrom

Meta Controls by Fallen Angel Olivia

Our friend, Fallen Angel Olivia, has created another plugin again called Meta Controls! 😀

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that lets you control switches and variables that last across a meta level on a game. A switch or variable designated to function as a meta switch or meta variable can persist across different save files. To assist in controlling meta properties of the game some more, the developer can assign common events to run at the start of a new game or when a game is loaded. Saving the game can also register map data to variables.

You can download it from!

What You Can Learn from Octopath’s Battle System – RPG Maker MV

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

Find the OctoPack Battler sample project here

You can find her other plugins here

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Octopath Traveler is praised often for its battle system. Everything about it just seems to fit together just right. Yet, you would be surprised to hear that it actually does nothing new, but instead, aims to make the whole battle experience more cohesive where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.