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Irina’s Visual Novel Message Busts Major Update #1

VisualNovelBusts for Yanfly

From our visual novel-loving friend, Irina!

We have our first major update. For all of ya who have purchased the plugin already, just download the plugin again and overwrite the existing one. This should get things sorted out. For a quick rundown of what’s changed, here’s a list!

  • Bug fixes for undefined “_trigger” property and disappearing busts from spamming the Z key too hard.
  • Bust expressions added
  • Time-able bust actions that can change mid-message
  • Slide In and Out changed up a bit and now has Left/Right versions
  • Increase in price by $2.

A lotta stuff. I’ll be going over the above things in detail. You can read about the details here.

A new plugin maker has arrived!

A new plugin maker has arrived by the name of Irina! 😀 Here’s some of the stuff she’s made for free!


Auto Message Colors

This plugin automatically causes the messages that can use text codes to automatically color keywords to depict importance so you don’t have to manually type in \c[3]Important\c[0] every time you want to draw attention to something. This helps those who want to make their keywords consistent throughout their game as well as makes it easier to simply offload text into RPG Maker MV without having to go through and highlight everything manually.


Performance Upgrade

This is a “plugin” of mostly performance upgrades shifts away from the usage of bitmap functions to WebGL and PIXI for better performance. Results may vary from computer to computer as PIXI alternatives depend highly on the PC’s GPU. For those that this does affect, expect less lag spikes from many things like hue changes for enemies and animations, entering the main menu, or constant pixel grabs from the window skin.


Anti-Audio Delay

When playing audio in RPG Maker MV events, there’s a small delay when the audio loads to when it’s actually played. This can make some scenes lose impact where an emotional piece of music is supposed to be played, but it gets delayed instead and ruins the moment.

What this plugin does is go through the currently running event’s command list by a certain amount and loads ahead of time the audio files it finds. This way, the audio files are ready by the time the event runs, making it transition smoothly.

This plugin does not preload and store audio files forever because that’s a very quick way to get your game client to crash when it consumes more memory than the player’s computer can handle. Instead, it will save a designated amount of audio files in its cache to keep them ready in case they’re reused but will flush them out of memory when the limit has been reached. This is to ensure that memory doesn’t overflow and crash the game.

Be sure to grab her stuff and follow her on itch.io!