YEP.1 – Core Engine

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

You can grab the plugin here:

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The Core Engine plugin is a plugin that’s made to address the core aspects of your game project, from raising the limits of stats to changing the colors of your window objects. Also to be included with this plugin will be any bug fixes made for RPG Maker MV. This plugin will be periodically updated whenever there is a new bug that is fixed.

Yanfly Engine Plugins’ Core Engine is not a requirement for the plugin library to work.

Introduction and Instructions

Yanfly Engine Plugins – Core Engine is made for RPG Maker MV. This plugin functions primarily to fix bugs and to allow the user more control over RPG Maker MV’s various features, such as the screen resolution, font, window colors, and more.

Just place this on top of all the other Yanfly Engine Plugins.
Adjust any parameters as you see fit.


You can use the plugin commands to add or remove gold more than the editor’s 9,999,999 limit. You can also place notetags into items, weapons, and armors to over the 999,999 cost limit.

Plugin Command:

GainGold 1234567890
Party gains 1234567890 gold.

LoseGold 9876543210
Party loses 9876543210 gold.

Item, Weapon, Armor Notetags
<Price: x>
Changes the price of the item to x. This notetag allows you to bypass the editor’s 999,999 gold cost limit.

Enemy Notetag
<Gold: x>
Changes the gold drop value of enemies to x. This notetag allows you to bypass the editor’s 9,999,999 gold drop limit.


Change the parameters to reflect the maximum number of items a player can hold per item. If you wish to make individual items have different max values, use the following notetag:

Item, Weapon, Armor Notetag:
<Max Item: x>
This changes the maximum amount of the item to x.


Even with the parameter limits raised, the editor is still confined to RPG Maker MV’s default limits. To break past them, use the following notetags to allow further control over the individual aspects for the parameters.

Actor Notetag
<Initial Level: x>
Changes the actor’s initial level to x. This allows you to bypass the editor’s level 99 limit.

<Max Level: x>
Changes the actor’s max level to x. This allows you to bypass the editor’s level 99 limit.

Class Skill Learn Notetag
<Learn at Level: x>
When placed inside a class’s “Skills to Learn” notetag, this will cause the class to learn the skill at level x.

Weapon and Armor Notetags
<stat: +x>
<stat: -x>
Allows the piece of weapon or armor to gain or lose x amount of stat. Replace “stat” with “hp”, “mp”, “atk”, “def”, “mat”, “mdf”, “agi”, or “luk” to alter that specific stat. This allows the piece of equipment to go past the editor’s default limitation so long as the maximum value allows for it.

Enemy Notetags
<stat: x>
This changes the enemy’s stat to x amount. Replace “stat” with “hp”, “mp”, “atk”, “def”, “mat”, “mdf”, “agi”, or “luk” to alter that specific stat. This allows the piece of equipment to go past the editor’s default limitation.

<exp: x>
This changes the enemy’s exp given out to x amount. This allows the enemy give out more exp than the editor’s default 9,999,999 limit.

Happy RPG Making!

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