YEP.23 – Taunt

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Taunts have become a mainstream game mechanic for many games. It’s only natural to port something like that over to RPG Maker MV! Included in this plugin are taunt effects and taunt nullification effects!


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Taunts add a new mechanic to battle. Whenever a unit has a member with a taunt trait, the opposing unit’s single target attacks and skills must focus on the taunting unit. This adds aggro control for either unit and can add a new level of depth for battle. Taunts are divided up into physical, magical, and certain hit taunts which respectively aggro physical actions, magical actions, and certain hit actions.

If there are multiple users with taunt, the rival party can select which taunt user to attack. This is to prevent a lockdown caused by a rival unit making the battle impossible to progress.


The following are some notetags you can use to add taunt traits to your various database objects.

Actor, Class, Weapon, Armor, State, Enemy Notetags:
<Physical Taunt>
<Magical Taunt>
<Certain Taunt>
These three notetags enable the database object of choice to have the respective taunt mechanic against those types of actions. Physical taunts will cause the user to aggro all physical type of actions from the rival team. The same goes for magical taunts and certain taunts of their nature.

<Null Physical Taunt>
<Null Magical Taunt>
<Null Certain Taunt>
This nullifies the respective taunt trait on the user (not the attacker). What this means is if a user originally has taunt through some form or means, having a null taunt trait applied will remove that taunt effect and the user will be treated as a normal target.

<Ignore Physical Taunt>
<Ignore Magical Taunt>
<Ignore Certain Taunt>
This allows an attacker with this trait to ignore any taunts of the respective nature and gain access to all possible targets as if no taunts are in place.

Skill and Item Notetag:
<Bypass Taunt>
This causes this skill/item to ignore taunts altogether and the skill/item is able to select single targets as if no taunts existed on the field.

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