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In the previous videos, we explained how to create the Stockpile ability and make an ability to use Stockpile stacks to heal the user. Today, we’ll cover how to make an ability utilize the Stockpile stacks to deal damage, but with a twist of using different damage formulas per stack! Here’s how we’ll make this effect!

You can grab the copy/paste code here: 

Insert the following Lunatic Mode code into the skill’s notebox. Change the values in red to fit your game’s settings.

<Damage Formula>
// Check if the stockpile damage hasn't already been calculated
if (!this._stockpileDmg) {
  // Default the user's stockpile stacks to 1
  a._stockpile = a._stockpile || 1;
  // If the stockpile stack is 1
  if (a._stockpile === 1) {
    // Use this formula
    this._stockpileDmg = a.atk * 4;
  // If the stockpile stack is 2
  } else if (a._stockpile === 2) {
    // Use this formula
    this._stockpileDmg = a.atk * 8;
  // Otherwise if it's more
  } else {
    // Use this formula
    this._stockpileDmg = a.atk * 16;
// Set the damage equal to the calculated damage
value = this._stockpileDmg;
</Damage Formula>

<Custom Requirement>
// Default the user's stockpile stacks to 0
user._stockpile = user._stockpile || 0;
// If the user is at 0 stacks
if (user._stockpile <= 0) {
  // The skill will be disabled
  value = false;
</Custom Requirement>

<After Eval>
// Remove the stockpile state
</After Eval>


Happy RPG Making!

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