YEP.142 – Music Menu – RPG Maker MV

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

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This plugin adds a new menu that you can send the player into. In it, the player will be able to play any songs previously encountered within the game that you allow them to be able to play. You can set the filename, display name of the song, the volume, pitch, pan, and even the help description for when the song will be replayed.

This is a collaboration plugin by Chickie and Yanfly to ensure compatibility with the Yanfly Engine Plugins library. 


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The songs displayed in the Music Menu will only be the ones you list within the plugin parameters labled as Song x Data.

When entering the song data, it has to be done in a certain format:

filename; display name; volume; pitch; pan; description

Each data segment is separated by a ; and must be entered in that particular order to keep all the data ordered and read correctly. Here is how to apply each entry:

– This is the filename of the song. This must be case sensitive and must not include the file extension. For example, theme.mp3 will be written as theme for the parameters

display name
– This is the name displayed in the game in the music menu. This has no effect on the actual song itself.

– This will be the volume the song will be played at inside the music menu scene. Use an integar value from 0 to 100 for the plugin parameters.

– This is the pitch played for the song inside the music menu. Use an integar value from 0 to 200 for the plugin parameters.

– This is the pan applied to the song inside the music menu. Use a value from -100 to 100 for the plugin parameters.

– The help description that appears when the song is selected. The help description will appear at the top of the screen. You can use any kind of text code you want for this setting.

Main Menu Manager – Positioning the Music Menu

For those using the Main Menu Manager and would like to position the Music Menu command in a place you’d like, use the following format:

Name: “Music Menu”
Symbol: musicMenu
Show: $gameSwitches.value(Insert a Switch ID to show this command)
Enabled: $gameSwitches.value(Insert a Switch ID to enable this command)
Main Bind: this.commandMusicMenu.bind(this)
Actor Bind:

Insert the above setup within a Main Menu Manager slot. Provided you copy the exact settings to where you need it, it will appear there while using all of the naming, enabling, disabling, hiding, and showing effects done by the plugin parameters.

Remember to turn off ‘Auto Add Menu’ from the plugin parameters.

Plugin Commands

You can use the following plugin commands to alter the music menu settings for your game in many ways.

Plugin Commands:

– Sends the player to the music menu scene.

– Unlocks all music for the player without the player needing to hear it in the game at least once.

– Removes the unlock all setting. The player now needs to hear music in the game at least once to unlock the song. This does not remove already unlocked song entries.

UnlockMusicMenuSong x
UnlockMusicMenuSong x x x
– This will unlock song ID x for the game. Use multiple x’s to unlock a group of songs at once. x will refer to the ID found in the plugin’s parameters. The referred song will be unlocked without the player needing to hear the song in the game at least once.

Happy RPG Making!