Fallen Angel Olivia and Atelier Irina’s Dual Plugin Release: Battle Action Sequence Impact!


Our friendly plugin developers, Fallen Angel Olivia and Atelier Irina, have created two new plugins for a simultaneous release. One is for adding special effects to your battle system while the other adds entirely new Action Sequences for your skills including projectiles! You can buy these separately or purchase them together in a bundle at a discount!

Battle Impact Plugin by Fallen Angel Olivia

This is a RPG Maker MV plugin that adds a little bit more impact to battle by producing special on screen filter effects to make certain actions like critical hits, adding/removing states or buffs, healing, guarding, and dodging more visibly different adding to the flavor of the battle.

This plugin is plug-n-play, which means you don’t have to do anything other than install it to reap all the benefits. If you wish to turn off certain features, you can do so in the plugin parameters.

Action Sequence Impact Plugin by Atelier Irina

This plugin adds new Action Sequences to Yanfly’s Battle Engine Core (so make sure you have that plugin and the Action Sequence Packs installed) to add a couple of new effects such as balloons, move adjustments, easings, projectiles, and if you have Olivia’s Battle Impact plugin, the special impact effects, too!

Great work, you two, especially working together to create these lovely visual effects!