User on fiverr is taking free librarium releases as part of their own portfolio and possibly selling it to unsuspecting clients.

Hello, Aekashics here!

It has been brought to my attention that a user on Fiverr is taking originally FREE Public release Librarium work as part of their own portfolio and possibly selling it to unsuspecting clients.  attached im sure you will recognize some of the free content they used:



Further browsing under that profile revealed to me that a lot if not all of the graphic work they list as part of their portfolio is actually from other artists!

I think other aggravated content creators should know of this situation, so more eyes on the search to notify them of this are appreciated! Shirt makers, sticker makers, tattoo artists and graphical asset creators! if you are, or know anyone under these fields, or recognize any of the artwork shown below  please let them know!









So other than notifying other artists can we do anything else about this?

Unfortunately given previous episodes other friends have had with fiverr, simply reporting this profile and the content will yield no results.


we can only rely on the community to bring awareness and light to this!

On twitter I have created this thread to try and identify the stolen content featured on their profile as their own portfolio:

RTs are appreciated!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!