RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 Update + Changelog!


RPG Maker MV Version 1.1 update is out! Grab it if you haven’t already!

The changelog is located within the forum thread itself! 🙂

As for some notable changes, here’s a few screenshots of what’s new:


You are now able to access the Plugin Help window from many places. Right click an area like a Notebox and you’ll be able to access it there!


The Resource Manager is back!


More generator parts!

There’s some changes to the rpg_x.js source code, too. Look here for the changes: 


  • Sprite.prototype.updateTransform – no longer needs rounding down.
  • Tilemap.prototype.update – animation frame removed
  • Tilemap.prototype.refresh – repaint flag removed
  • Tilemap.prototype.updateTransform – removed a lot of animation checks
  • Tilemap.prototype._paintTiles – animation frame check moved to here
  • Tilemap.prototype._drawAutotile – fixed error with variable names


  • DataManager.saveGame – no longer corrupts save file while saving during a parallel process
  • StorageManager.backup – new function added
  • StorageManager.backupExists – new function added
  • StorageManager.cleanBackup – new function added
  • StorageManager.restoreBackup – new function added
  • StorageManager.loadFromLocalBackupFile – new function added
  • StorageManager.loadFromWebStorageBackup – new function added
  • StorageManager.webStorageBackupExists – new function added
  • SceneManager – added FPS synch
  • SceneManager.updateMain – added in FPS synch
  • BattleManager.processEscape – removed battle state removal process from wrong spot
  • BattleManager.processAbort – inserted battle state removal process to correct timing


  • Game_Action.prototype.decideRandomTarget – random target index bug fixed
  • Game_Action.prototype.evaluate – target index bug fixed
  • Game_Action.prototype.evalDamageFormula – if formulas are used that return NaN, return 0 instead
  • Game_Actor.prototype.changeClass – exp bug fixed
  • Game_Event.prototype.updateSelfMovement – added extra check to see if the event is not locked
  • Game_Interpreter.prototype.command321 – class change command now has the option to keep exp across changing classes


  • Scene_Save.prototype.onSaveSuccess – backup process functionality added


  • Sprite_Actor.prototype.refreshMotion – added a fix for guard motion
  • Spriteset_Map.prototype._canvasReAddParallax – new function added
  • Spriteset_Map.prototype.updateParallax – implemented fix for parallax bug


  • Window_MenuStatus.prototype.drawItemImage – fixed bug involving variable face dimensions
  • Window_ActorCommand.prototype.selectLast – fixed bug with saved last selected command

With those changes, a few plugins of mine do need to be updated to accommodate for the changes, but thankfully, not too many. I’ll get those rolled out, hopefully by later tonight! 🙂