Plugin Updates #207

Today, we have a rather MASSIVE update. Roughly 40-ish plugins got updated today because of something in particular I wanted to change. That is namely the fact that if you, as the RPG Maker project creator, make a bad line of code for a script call, it would crash your RPG Maker game and halt everything. The player would have to restart (desktop), refresh (browser), reboot (mobile), etc. The game is completely unable to continue. In my opinion, this is something that is absolutely detrimental to gameplay. While yes, the bug shouldn’t exist in the first place, we as creators are all human so it’s very possible and, in fact, likely that we make mistakes with our script calls.

That said, the YEP Core Engine is now updated where script calls for Script Call events, Movement Routes, Conditional Branches, and Control Variables will no longer crash the game. Instead, if the code is faulty, it will be ignored. If the game is in test play, it will open up the debug console and show you the code that caused the crash and the error message that comes with it. For non-test play, none of this will happen with the exception of browser games. The console won’t pop up, but the error message will still display if you happen to open up the debug console in-browser.

Now, I did this separately for all the other plugins that utilize Lunatic Mode, too. However, I could have easily made this change all refer to the Core Engine for this kind of effect. Yet, I didn’t. My reasoning? The Core Engine, despite contrary belief, is not a required plugin for my plugin library to run. The Core Engine‘s main function is to fix the bugs that exist primarily within RPG Maker MV itself and alter hardcoded core aspects that aren’t adjustable from within the editor itself. For this, I’ve made standalone versions for each plugin that utilizes Lunatic Mode. The plugins that will no longer crash due to bad script calls and/or Lunatic Mode will be as follows:

Core Engine, Base Parameter Control, Class Base Parameters, Extra Parameter Formula, Special Parameter Formula, Action Sequence Pack 1, Battle System – ATB, Battle System – CTB, Counter Control, Weak Enemy Poses, Absorption Barrier, Battle. A.I. Core, Buffs & States Core, State Categories, Damage Core, Armor Scaling, Critical Control, Extra Enemy Drops, Hit Accuracy, Life Steal, Target Core, Selection Control, Item Core, Attachable Augments, Item Disassemble, Item Durability, Item Upgrade Slots, Item Synthesis, Skill Core, Limited Skill Uses, Party Limit Gauge, Skill Cooldowns, Skill Cost Items, Instant Cast, Skill Learn System, Equip Core, Equip Requirements, Weapon Unleash, Auto Passive States, Passive Aura Effects, Enhanced TP, Enemy Levels, Job Points, Row Formation, Steal & Snatch, Map Select Skill

The other plugins that are updated today also received optimization updates. They are the Class Change Core, Battle Engine Core, Animated Sideview Enemies, Battle Status Window, Party System, and Event Chase Player plugins. They are made to go faster now and consume less system resources. Please update them accordingly.

As for other changes, the Core Engine got some new plugin parameters. Some of you may have noticed that as you enter battle, during the battle transition, all the sprites on the screen disappear. This involves anything that includes players, characters, doors, treasure chests, torches, other lighting effects. And it looks really really bad in some cases. The new plugin parameters now have a way for you to decide if you want them to disappear or not (and whether or not they appear in the background snapshot for battle). The Event Mini Label plugin also gets an update for this letting you decide if you want the mini-label windows to disappear or remain visible as the battle transition occurs.

The Animated Sideview Battlers plugin also got a new update to add the “Floating Death” plugin parameter. This will allow you to enable whether or not you want floating enemies to remain floating or instantly fall to the ground when collapsing. There are also new notetags that will allow one or the other for this, too, if you want to set them individually.

Whew, what an update!

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.11.20~

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