Plugin Updates #209

We have quite a number of plugin updates today!

The Save Core received an update to have added a ‘Map Display Name’ plugin parameter. Enabling this option will now display the display name for the map instead of the editor name when viewing the save menu.

The Battle Engine Core gets a rare bug fixed, but if it happened once, it can happen again. In the rare case where an action is given to a battler with a skill or item that doesn’t exist, it will crash the game. This is now fixed. This seldom happens and can only be reproduced through very strange means, but that doesn’t mean the bug shouldn’t be taken care of. This ought to remove the bug.

The Buffs & States Core gets a small optimization update.

The Weapon Animation plugin gets a new loading system which loads numeric weapon sheets from the ‘system’ folder as the game’s database is loaded. Previously, these sheets would load during the battle, but if the file size of the weapon sheet is good big, it’ll appear at an incorrect size as it isn’t loaded in time. Now, the system will load the weapon sheets (if not already loaded) during database initialization.

The Enemy Levels plugin gets a the Enemy Transform event now adjusted for stat changes when transforming into a different enemy. Previously, it would retain the base parameters for the previous enemy.

Picture Common Events got a few bugs fixed thanks to Splendith! These bugs include a bug for events that allow the player to move immediately after pressing the picture common event and a bug for ‘HidePictureCommonEvents’ and ‘ShowPictureCommonEvents’ plugin command that caused normal pictures to hide/show, too.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.12.11~

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