Plugin Updates #204

It’s not the usual end of the week update since there was an update made today to RPG Maker MV to version 1.3.2. There’s a lot of things fixed with the engine, but at the same time, there was a huge oversight with one of the design changes they decided to make as it may break a lot of potential plugins out there from working properly.

The main issue I want to address is with the Game_Actor.isSkillLearned function change. Previously, the function worked off of only skills that an actor inherently knows and not skills acquired through equipment temporarily. With the version 1.3.2 update, there is now a function change to now include the acquired skills through traits. The main reason? I suspect it’s to make the conditional branch to check an actor has learned x skill return true.

However, this is problematic for a couple of reasons. A skill that is learned inherently is vastly different than a skill that is acquired temporarily through equipping a piece of equipment, especially if the other functions that utilize Game_Actor.isSkillLearned haven’t been updated. The ones I’m mainly talking about are the actual Game_Actor.learnSkill function and the item effect to teach actor skills through consumable items. Both of those functions check to see if the actor has learned the skill through Game_Actor.isSkillLearned, which means, it can be blocked and cause problems.

You’ll now encounter problems like this:

  1. Harold hasn’t learned the Heal skill.
  2. Harold equips Healing Shield. It gives Harold access to the Heal skill temporarily.
  3. Harold levels to level 5. Level 5 should be when Harold learns the Heal skill.
  4. Harold doesn’t learn the Heal skill inherently because the game now registers him as having learned it through the function update.
  5. Harold unequips the Healing Shield.
  6. Harold no longer has Heal and can’t learn it through leveling anymore.

The Core Engine update will address this issue and fix it. However, it will not revert the Game_Actor.isSkillLearned back to what it was. Instead, the checks inside the functions for learning a skill via levels and consumable item effects will now check for the raw skill library instead. What does this mean? It means those functions will continue working properly. However, other plugins that utilize the Game_Actor.isSkillLearned will need to be updated to check if the raw skill library instead. Yanfly Engine Plugins will be updated to check for this. but other plugins not made by me won’t necessarily have it updated. Keep that in mind as you use other plugins.

The Message Core gets a compatibility update with Message Macros for ‘Name Box Auto Close’ option. This is so that text macros made by the Macro Messages plugin will now be transferred properly for the Name Box Auto Close parameter.

The Battle Engine Core gets an update to match the RPG Maker MV 1.3.2 changes for counters and reflected actions.

The Animated Sideview Enemies plugin gets updated. The RPG Maker MV 1.3.2 update broke animated sideview enemies causing them to stagger back and forth. This update should get it fixed.

The Counter Control plugin gets an update to match the RPG Maker MV 1.3.2 changes for counters.

The Victory Aftermath plugin gets an update for the RPG Maker MV 1.3.2 change to measure skill change differences that would have been blocked by temporarily learned skills acquired through traits.

Limited Skill Uses gets a compatibility update with Equip Battle Skills and Equip Skill Tiers. Before, skills that were used that weren’t equipped wouldn’t reset after battle. Now, it should happen for all skills.

The Skill Learn System plugin gets an update for the RPG Maker MV 1.3.2 change to detect skill learning that would have been blocked by temporarily learned skills acquired through traits.

The Passive Aura Effects plugin gets a bug fix that would conflict with Taunt and Selection Control plugins making some aura effects randomly disappear.

Equip Battle Skills gets an update for the RPG Maker MV 1.3.2 changes as well. Likewise with Equip Skill Tiers.

Grid-Free Doodads gets its first update fixed a bug that caused doodads to overlap onto the other border of the map if it was clipped off.

Whew! That’s quite a few changes. I hope everybody’s update to MV 1.3.2 transitions smoothly!

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