YEP.10 – Equip Core

Yanfly Engine Plugins is a plugin library made for RPG Maker MV, a wonderful piece of software to help you make that role playing game of your dreams. You can find out more about RPG Maker MV here.

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The Equip Core plugins makes quite a few changes for your projects. It affects the equip menu, equipment type handling, equipment rulings, and parameter control.


This plugin alters various aspects regarding equipment handling. The changes are as listed:

1. Scene_Equip
Scene_Equip has been modified to look differently. This is primarily done to make the main menu scenes look uniform and keep everything familiar for players. Furthermore, the command window has been adjusted to be better fit for extension plugins in the future that may add commands to the command window and/or the scene.

2. Equipment Type Handling
Characters will no longer have one universal equipment slot setting. Now, different classes can use different setups by simply adding a few notetags to the class notebox. Furthermore, equipment types in the past with matching names would be treated as separate types. Now, equipment types with matching names will be treated as the same type.

3. Equipment Rulings
Now, certain equipment types can or cannot be removed. For example, this plugin can set it so that the Weapon slot must always have something equipped and that the player cannot manually leave it empty (the game, on the other hand, can achieve this through events). In addition to that, optimizing equipment can be restricted for certain equipment types, which are better off being decided manually (such as accessories).

4. Parameter Control
Equipment parameters can now to be adjusted through notetags to have a large value or customized value (through code). This allows for equipment to no longer be static items, but instead, equipment can now be dynamic and may change over the course of the game.


You can use the following notetags to change a class’s equipment setup.

Class Notetags:
<Equip Slot: x>
<Equip Slot: x, x, x>
Example: <Equip Slot: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5, 5, 5>
Changes this class’s equipment slots to x. Using repeating numbers makes it so that equipment type is duplicated and that the class can equip multiple equipment of that type. To find the Equipment Type ID, go to your database’s Types tab and look for the ID type.

If you don’t like the above method for setting equipment slots, you can use the following notetags instead:

<Equip Slot>
</Equip Slot>

<Equip Slot>
</Equip Slot>
Replace ‘string’ with the Equipment type’s name entry. This is case sensitive so if the string does not match a name entry perfectly, the slot will not be granted to the class. Multiple copies of a name entry would mean the class can equip multiple equipment of that type. Everything works the same as the previous notetag.

Weapon and Armor Notetags:
<stat: +x>
<stat: -x>
Allows the piece of weapon or armor to gain or lose x amount of stat. Replace “stat” with “hp”, “mp”, “atk”, “def”, “mat”, “mdf”, “agi”, or “luk” to alter that specific stat. This allows the piece of equipment to go past the editor’s default limitation so long as the maximum value allows for it. Changes made here alter the base parameters.

Lunatic Mode – Custom Parameters

<Custom Parameters>
</Code Parameters>

<Custom Parameters>
atk = $gameVariables.value(1);
mat = atk / 2;
all = $gameParty.members().length;
</Custom Parameters>

Allows for parameters to have custom rates adjusted by code. The following parameters are defined: ‘maxhp’, ‘maxmp’, ‘atk’, ‘def’, ‘mat’, ‘mdf’, ‘agi’, ‘luk’, and ‘all’. The ‘all’ parameter will affect all parameters. Changes made here do not alter the base parameters, but instead, are added onto the base parameters.

Happy RPG Making!