This is a page listing of all the RPG Maker comics made by Yanfly that talk about game design. Let’s go together on a journey with Yanfly, FlyingDream, and Ralph to make an RPG Maker game while learning several tips and tricks on the way!

Thumb-001Chapter 1 - Let's Make a Game
Released: 2017.01.07

Ralph’s been having the blues about creating a game. A game that he’s been working on for quite the while. Yet, he feels like he couldn’t get anywhere. Learn about how to make a basic game structure in a barebones format to facilitate the creation of one's RPG Maker game easier!
Thumb-002Chapter 2 - Let's Make a Database
Released: 2017.02.04

Ralph’s quest to make a game continues. This time, he encounters one of his greatest foes: the database! Learn ways to save time, maintain balance, and keeping organization within the database.
Thumb-003Chapter 3 - Let's Make a Dungeon
Released: 2017.03.08

Ralph is about to make a dungeon, but he doesn’t know where to even start. And as always, he goes to Yanfly and FlyingDream for help! Learn ways to design a dungeon, the floor plan, and the monsters to go with it!
Thumb-004Chapter 4 - Let's Make a Town
Released: 2017.04.19

Ralph wants to learn about how to make a good town. Yanfly and FlyingDream decide it’s time to take him into town to learn more!
Thumb-005Chapter 5 - Let's Make a Character
Released: 2017.06.28

This time, Ralph’s here to learn about how to make characters for his game!

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