Here are some links to our friends in the RPG Maker Community and a small description of what they’re doing, what kinds of games they’re making, and more. Go give them a visit and check them out and give them some support, too! 😀


ArcheiaArcheia @ Division Heaven
Who is Archeia? You don't know!? Archeia is one of the most prominent members fo the RPG Maker community and has contributed near endless amounts of resources for us all to use. She also makes games (and completes them!) in addition to those resources, too! Check her out!
AekashicsÆkashics @ Æ
Our talented friend Ækashics is creating some wonderful battlers to make in our RPG Maker games, including static enemies and animated enemies! Ækashics releases battlers for us on a regular basis on our Youtube channel, too!
WorldofroleplayAisen @ World of Roleplay Discord Game

The World of Roleplay is a Discord RPG Game in the making. I've been working very hard on this during my free time but decided to branch out and let people help support the project. Currently it's in a very early beta but should be in a playable state very soon.
BinaryCodexBinaryCodex @ BinaryCodex Gaming
Greetings folks! I am BinaryCodex and welcome to my website! I am a Software Engineer who loves video games, programming, and anime! What better way to combine those loves than by making video games, right?
So, what will you find here? Here you can find any games I am working on along with information, development logs, etc. I am also building RPG Maker MV plugins which can be found here as well.
byBibobyBibo @ byBibo's Resources
byBibo is making animated battlers for RPG Maker MV RTP monsters! They bite, they swing, and they strike the player party in flashy ways. Go take a look!
What I do? I do everything, I'm on a long journey on recreating the whole graphic engine of RPG Maker Mv. I am also creating my own games but that affords me to do more Graphics.
DarkBitDarkBit @ Nebula Games
Our friend DarkBit is creating developer tools for RPG Maker MV to help make your game development life easier, more organized, and balanced in a professional manner. Be sure to check out what he has in store for you!
I am Darkkrow13 I do a lot of gaming from mostly MMOs and now doing RPG making games, occasionally I do 3D model making.
deadbirdDeadbird Productions
A website with RPG Maker tutorials, resources, and games! Currently in the creation of Clarity's Edge! Give it a visit and you'll most likely find something you like!
DriftwoodGamingDrifty @ Driftwood Gaming
Drifty at Driftwood Gaming makes a lot of interesting RPG Maker MV tutorials! There's a whole lot of things that he covers from mimicking Morph skills to Blue Magic and more! If you can't find something you wanted to learn about, ask Drifty in the comments, and he'll make a tutorial for it! Wonderful place to learn about the expansive RPG Maker MV!
DogwoodGamingDogwood Gaming
Dogwood Gaming is committed to bring fun, engaging, and creatively driven video games to gamers, made by gamers.

Founded in Rockville Maryland, our team has grown from two friends with an idea, to a fourteen-strong team dedicated to producing the best that they can.
DZGEntertainmentDzgword Entertainment LLC

Dzgword Entertainment LLC is creating RPG Maker games and Writing books and poems! Dzg Entertainment LLC is an independent gaming/ book writing company. Basically what we want is to make good quality games/ books that are reasonable priced.
Echo607Echo607 @ Echo607's Youtube Channel
Echo607 is a very charming Youtuber who makes video tutorials for RPG Maker in addition to Let's Plays for RPG Maker games. She is also a talented artist who draws cute and adorable chibis her free time. Give her channel a visit!
ForTheTreasureFor the Treasure @ Two Dudes Studio
For the Treasure is a webcomic series that takes place in fantasy world of swords and sorcery. It follows the adventures of two treasure hunters, Auggie and Low, as they embark on quests to hone their skills and fill their pockets.
GalvGalv @ Galv's Scripts
Galv has been making scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace for quite some time now and is now creating some neat plugins for RPG Maker MV! Be sure to check out his work!
CreativityIni-kun @ Creativity with Identity Workshop

A Korean blog full of wonderful RPG Maker assets, coupled with beautiful artwork! Definitely worth a visit!
Hello there!~
I am Noriko, and i make RPG Maker MV games. Currently I am working on a game called Glassy Skies!
KillerGinFrederick Miranda @ Killer Gin
Killer Gin is an old school RPG developed by STEM program coordinator and adjunct professor Frederick Miranda. Killer Gin is slated for commercial release late 2016 on PC, Mac, Android, and iPhone!
harmoniaHarmonia RPG
Rebuilding from a world torn apart by the wrath of the betrayed deities, humanity finds itself drifting to different ideals now that the common enemy has been defeated.

Now, 2,000 years after the Archon War, when the world is on the brink of war between people that are unwilling to accept the existence of others who do not share their beliefs, a mysterious young man awakens with no recollection of his past. Could he be the key to finally end the conflict and hatred between men?
MogHunterMogHunter @ Atelier RGSS
MogHunter has been creating scripts for RPG Maker VX and Ace in the past. Now, he's moved his work over to RPG Maker MV in the form of plugins~
StitchGamingNekoyoubi @ Stitch Gaming

Nekoyoubi is new to the RPG Maker community, but that won't stop him from creating tools, content, and games for RPG Maker MV!~ Give the website a visit and you'll find some very lovely resources there!
Rainbow GamesRainbow Games
Over here at Rainbow Games, they create... you've guessed it, games! And not just limited to RPG Maker either! Go check them out and have yourself a good time~
NerdaliusRazren and DillPickles @ Nerdalius
The Nerdalius is a general hobby site. Are you into game making? Roleplaying? Writing? You name it, we got it. Come check us out and chat with your fellow Nerds today!
ROFLHogIIIROFL Hog III Gaming Channel
Just a really cool Let's Play channel with the occasional musical number thrown in! :D
RPG Maker MV France
RPG Maker MV est un logiciel vous permettant de rĂ©aliser facilement le jeu vidĂ©o de vos rĂȘves en deux dimensions ! Adieu la barriĂšre de la programmation, en effet grĂące Ă  RPG Maker MV vous pouvez trĂšs facilement faire un jeu complet avec des systĂšmes complexes sans avoir de notion en programmation, c'est grĂące Ă  un Ă©diteur d'Ă©vĂ©nement puissant que cela est possible. N'attendez-plus rĂ©alisez votre rĂȘve en tĂ©lĂ©chargeant RPG Maker MV.
coffee_scale_fullSal @ Coffee Scale
This site has one goal: to identify the best coffee scales sold today. If this was a simpler task we'd locate the best coffee scale but given the larger number of uses cases we'll try to just get it down to the top scales in a few major categories.
A fun Youtube channel that focuses on games and RPG Maker MV tutorials! Cool stuff all around and shown in an entertaining fashion! Don't blame me if you end up laughing.
An RPG Maker MV plugin website made by SumRndmDde! Makes a varity of plugins for RPG Maker MV as well as other fun things for RPG Maker MV!
TsukihimeTsukihime @ 槫HIMEWORKS
Tsukhime has been making scripts for RPG Maker VX Ace before and is now making plugins for RPG Maker MV~
VibratoVibrato08 @ P3X-774
Vibrato makes absolutely beautiful animated battlers. The amount of talent this individual has is something you must witness if you are to call yourself an RPG Maker user. Vibrato makes resources for RPG Maker~
VictorVictor @ Victor Engine Scripts
Victor has been making scripts for RPG Maker XP, VX, and VX Ace for quite a while now. He is now creating plugins for RPG Maker MV!
watermarkrpgWatermark RPG
We make fun 16-bit RPG and action games. Our team loves games of the 8 to 16 bit era, especially RPGs, and our passion is to make games similar to what we used to play as kids, with our own improvements. Drop by and take a look!
YamiYami @
Yami is one of the developers of the ever so popular Luna Engine for RPG Maker VX Ace and is now developing plugins for RPG Maker MV! You'll typically see Yami's releases along with the RPG Maker MV Wednesday Updates, but it doesn't hurt to visit either!

Happy RPG Making!

Happy RPG Making!

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