YEP.13 – Auto Passive States

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Add passive states to your game! They can be innate to actors, classes, appear when a piece of equipment is worn, or after an actor learns a skill! Having a passive state increase gameplay depth by a lot!


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Passive states are states that are automatically active. You can think of them as an extension of traits but with more flexibility. They will always be there as long as the actor or enemy has auto passive state notetags.

NOTE: For those using Passive States with your skills, the passive states will only be applied from Learned Skills! They will not be applied from skills that are learned through traits. Why? Because without this restriction, a passive skill that applies a passive state that in turn provides a skill through its traits will cause an infinite loop in your game and cause it crash. So if you want your skills to provide a passive state, have your actors learn the skill instead of applying it through a trait.


Actor, Class, Skills, Weapon, Armor, Enemy Notetags:
<Passive State: x>
<Passive State: x, x, x>
This will allow the actor or enemy to have state x as a passive state. If placed inside a weapon or armor notebox, the user will have that passive state.

<Passive State: x to y>
This will add the states x through y (in a sequence) for the actor or enemy to have as a passive state. If placed inside a weapon or armor notebox, the user will have that passive state.

State Notetags:
<Passive Condition: HP Above x%>
<Passive Condition: HP Below x%>
<Passive Condition: MP Above x%>
<Passive Condition: MP Below x%>
If the user’s HP or MP is above/below x% of the MaxHP or MaxMP, this condition will be met for the passive state to appear.

<Passive Condition: Stat Above x>
<Passive Condition: Stat Below x>
Replace ‘stat’ with ‘HP’, ‘MP’, ‘TP’, ‘MAXHP’, ‘MAXMP’, ‘ATK’, ‘DEF’, ‘MAT’, ‘MDF’, ‘AGI’, ‘LUK’. If the above stat is above/below x, then the condition is met for the passive state to appear.

<Passive Condition: Switch x ON>
<Passive Condition: Switch x OFF>
If switch x is either ON/OFF, then the condition is met for the passive state to appear.

<Passive Condition: Variable x Above y>
<Passive Condition: Variable x Below y>
Replace x with the variable you wish to check to see if it’s above/below y, then the condition is met for the passive state to appear.

Lunatic Mode – Conditional Passives

For those who understand a bit of JavaScript and would like for their passive states to appear under specific conditions, you can use this notetag to accomplish conditional factors.

State Notetags:
<Custom Passive Condition>
if (user.hp / user.mhp <= 0.25) {
condition = true;
} else {
condition = false;
</Custom Passive Condition>
This enables you to input conditions to be met in order for the passive state to appear. If the ‘condition’ variable returns true, the passive state will appear. If the ‘condition’ returns false, it won’t appear. If condition is not defined, it will return true and the passive state will appear on the battler.
* Note: All non-custom passive conditions must be met before this one can be fulfilled and allow the custom condition to appear.

Happy RPG Making!