Stress Testing && Plugin Updates 50~


And so, I’ve made a few plugin updates today that have been placed under a stress test. With 999 events on a map, the goal is to have 60 FPS or more. Although I’m aware this is hardware-dependant to some degree, it is code-dependent, too. Previously, two of the plugins (Event Mini Window and Stop Map Movement) in my test map of 999 events would drop the FPS down to 30 FPS, even on my computer. While it’s an extreme case that people should almost never use 999 events on a single map, the fact remains is that as long as 999 events can be put down, it will be put down at some point in the future, whether or not it should or shouldn’t be done. And so, with all the Yanfly Engine Plugins installed, doing some tests today brought up the performance from 30 FPS to 60 FPS~

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2015.12.11~

View the changelog here.

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Bug Report Template:

HOWEVER, before you make a bug report! Please visit my website and download all the latest versions of the plugins (and installing them properly). If you don’t have the patience to do that, I won’t share my patience to fix the bug. If you still get the bug after updating all the plugins and installing them properly, continue on and using this template:

Here is the template to submit a bug report:

Plugin Name: (What is the name of the plugin?)

Error Message: If you received an error message:
1. Press F8 when you receive it to open up the debug console.
2. On the console tab, copy/paste the error log and paste it here.
3. If you post a screenshot, host it on or another website because the images posted here are tiny and I can’t read it.

How to Replicate Bug: In order for me to fix a bug properly, explain to me IN DETAIL, how you managed to get it to occur. If I cannot replicate the bug, I may ask you to upload a copy of your game’s project for me online through either Mediafire, Dropbox, or any other online hosting provider. Do NOT deploy the game. After doing so, it’s best if you send it through private message if you don’t want others rummaging through your game’s files.

Other: Post screenshots of the bug, screenshots of your plugin list, videos also help, etc. Anything that will make it more clear for me will help me out.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Happy RPG Making!