Happy New Year && Plugin Updates 71


Happy New Year, everybody! Hope you’ve all had a happy and safe New Year! 2015 was a very nice year and let’s make 2016 an even better one!

There’s a mechanic change made to the way state turns are handled for the Battle Engine Core. It’s come to my attention that tick-based battle systems like ATB and CTB are extremely difficult to comprehend the nature of. That said, I’ve made adjustments to these battle systems because the individual battle turn structure is something of a concept that is difficult to grasp for both players and developers alike and decided that keeping the complexity of the tick-based battle system is of no advantage to anyone who uses it and/or plays it.

So with that said, I’ve made it where if you are using a tick-based battle system (ATB or CTB) and have timed states set to false, turns will now update relative to the battler’s turn rather than when the battle’s turn makes a change. States that end at turn end will have their timing changed to whenever HP, MP, and TP regeneration occurs. The difference in the timing window is small so it’s hardly noticeable. The buffs update timing is also moved to the regeneration timing as well. Timed states will also regenerate based off actor turns. This way, nobody has to deal with when a turn ends or starts anymore unless you’re dealing with timed events. If you are, you’re just going to have to tweak the battle system to have the timed events occur at the rate you want them to. This is one of the things about a tick-based battle system that you’ll just have to deal with.

I’ve also made the decision that I won’t be making any more tick-based battle systems in the future. Quite frankly, the amount of difficulty people have in balancing AGI, speed, and the massive amount of incoming questions about the very concept of turns in tick-based battle systems is a sign that those aren’t the types of battle systems people need to be working with. I personally think it’s better for users to work with something they deem to be more familiar and understandable. After all, it wouldn’t look too good for players to find out that the developer doesn’t fully understand the concept of a tick-based battle system but is still using one anyway. Therefore, the battle systems I’ll be making in the future will be more friendly towards the devs in by being strictly turn-based only.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.01.01~

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Battle Engine Core v1.27

Skill Cooldowns v1.07

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