Ækashics Librarium – RTP Alter Part I && Plugin Updates 75~

Ækashics and Aldo deliver forth a pack of alternative RTP monsters to make it so all your monsters can match a bit more with one another and help you stand out from the typical RTP games!

You can grab the megapack here:

Enjoy everybody!

Quite a few fixes tonight, although some rather odd ones. Under some very specific circumstances, Instant Skills don’t register properly if they are used by a team unit against an opponent unit making them force an action. The ATB and CTB plugins got some bug fixes, too. Previously, going back and forth between the Fight/Escape window and the action window will cause on turn effects to trigger, which included cooldown updates, so cooldowns could be effectively canceled out by just canceling in and out a few times of the Fight/Escape menu. The Row Formation plugin gets another visual update. Be sure to download the newest updates!

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.01.05~

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