Plugin Updates 78~


Ækashics drew this cute little comic while FlyingDream was feeling under the weather today. I figured it’d be something cute to share with you all while we wait for FlyingDream to feel better.

The Core Engine plugin has been updated to match the formation changes of Row Formation for enemies. Not only that, this will also prove a bit more effective even if you aren’t using Row Formation since this will cache the locations of any changes for that battle. In RPG Maker MV’s source code, some of the values for the face width were set to a hard value of 144, regardless of what you changed the face width values to. This update will set those values to adjust with whatever you set face width graphics to. Also, an update to the EXP modifier notetag for enemies has been updated.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.01.08~

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