Plugin Updates 88~


Only a singular update today! And it’s a small issue with when refreshing needs to occur after instant casting. 😀

In case you were wondering, there were no updates yesterday either. I’m guessing this is the sign we’ve been waiting for, where the Yanfly Engine Plugins library is approaching that stage of stability. For the most part, stability in plugins isn’t a terribly hard thing to accomplish, but rather, a time consuming one. Often at times, weird combinations of usage that I couldn’t foresee before don’t have work arounds made for it and I use the term ‘work around’ with a bit of emphasis.

If you ask anyone who’s made plugins or scripts for RPG Maker before, you’ll typically find that more than half the time, it’ll be the script or plugin in question making a work around for RPG Maker’s code structure. This isn’t so much to say that RPG Maker’s base code is bad. In fact, he’s way more manageable than it was in the RPG Maker XP and VX days. However, it still isn’t entirely friendly yet, which is partially the main reason why some of these plugins take so long to make as well as produce a finalized build~

Hope you’re all doing well with your RPG’s! 😀

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.01.19~

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To download all available plugins, click here.

If you want to leave a bug report, please do it in the most recent Plugin Update post by pressing Continue~ 

Bug Report Template:

HOWEVER, before you make a bug report! Please visit my website and download all the latest versions of the plugins (and installing them properly). If you don’t have the patience to do that, I won’t share my patience to fix the bug. If you still get the bug after updating all the plugins and installing them properly, continue on and using this template:

Here is the template to submit a bug report:

Plugin Name: (What is the name of the plugin?)

Error Message: If you received an error message:
1. Press F8 when you receive it to open up the debug console.
2. On the console tab, copy/paste the error log and paste it here.
3. If you post a screenshot, host it on or another website because the images posted here are tiny and I can’t read it.

How to Replicate Bug: In order for me to fix a bug properly, explain to me IN DETAIL, how you managed to get it to occur. If I cannot replicate the bug, I may ask you to upload a copy of your game’s project for me online through either Mediafire, Dropbox, or any other online hosting provider. Do NOT deploy the game. After doing so, it’s best if you send it through private message if you don’t want others rummaging through your game’s files.

Other: Post screenshots of the bug, screenshots of your plugin list, videos also help, etc. Anything that will make it more clear for me will help me out.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Happy RPG Making!