Tutorial: Undertale Boss Spare System && Plugin Updates 102

Our friend SumRndmDde has made a neat little tutorial on how to do a Spare system. Seeing as how this is an extremely popularly requested “system” asked about across my website, my Youtube channel, and RPG Maker Web, a lot of people don’t realize that the entirity of Undertale’s spare system in RPG Maker would be based off of a series of common events. Do take a look and check out the video! :)

A couple of updates tonight, three of which are optimization updates to make the game run a bit smoother when using these plugins. As for the Skill Core, a bug fix was made to patch up an oversight where Immortal Actors at 0 HP couldn’t use skills because they couldn’t fulfill the HP cost requirement of 0. This was an oversight of mine because in order to use HP cost skills, a character must always have more than the said HP cost. Normally, users would rarely encounter this problem provided that not all of their battlers are immortal, but sometimes, it just happens to be the case. This latest update should get that fixed~

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.02.04~

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Happy RPG Making!

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