New Changes~ && Plugin Updates 105~


A couple of new changes have been made to the website. Most of which is just to streamline things a bit for me.

Comments on will be disabled for now. This is mostly because I’m a single person taking care of support for literally thousands of users. Having to jump back and forth between, RPG Maker Web, Youtube, Patreon, etc. makes it extremely hard to keep track of things let alone post reports where they need to go. So, that said, in place of the comments, you’ll see these:




There will also be quick link versions of these on’s sidebar.

All of them lead to RPG Maker Web’s forum, the official forum for RPG Maker MV, where I’m active at. There, I can keep the reports together (for at least this website and the forum) and reduce the amount of mix up possible. Having nearly 70 plugins to look over means 70+ pages of comments to keep track of and that’s a bit much for me, a single person. If you don’t have an account there, I would recommend signing up for one anyway since it’s a very helpful forum with a wonderful community. It would be just as much a benefit for you as a benefit for me to have an account there.

So hopefully, this way can keep the support all in one place. 🙂

Thank you for understanding!

A couple of updates today. Since it’s been asked a lot, Job Points is now updated to give you the option of enabling dead actors to gain JP from battle or not. Keep in mind this will only affect the JP earned from defeating enemies, and it does not apply to the JP earned from actions. Steal & Snatch has an update as well to make descriptions work with word wrap for the Snatch window.

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.02.07~

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