Plugin Updates 108~


Quite a few updates tonight! The Battle Engine Core instated a new mechanic for states that expire on Action End. States with Action End now have a unique trait to them where if the caster of the state is the current active battler (subject) and if the state is then applied on the user itself, they will gain a ‘free turn’. The ‘free turn’ is to mitigate the user from losing 1 duration of the turn since with an Action End timing, they would lose the benefit of being under the state for that turn’s timing.

As for the Message Core, it and the Extended Message Pack 1 have both been updated to work around the font size changing text codes such as \{ and \} to work better with the autoheight function of the Extended Message Pack 1. This also gets around MV’s default issue with pushing messages into the next message if there isn’t enough room vertically to fit the message.


The Equip Core gains a new quality of life update. For those that are using the Equip Core, the Item Core, and the Item Core’s New Scene Layout, you’ll gain access to the Item Info Window within the Equip Core as well. Pressing Left/Right/Tab will toggle between the windows. Clicking on the lower right window will also toggle the windows. This way, players don’t have to switch back and forth between the Item scene and Equip scene to see what kinds of information is displayed on the Item Info Window.

A couple of bug fixes are made to the Party Limit Gauge and Instant Cast, too. The Party Limit Gauge now disappears when the battle HUD vanishes, too. The Instant Cast plugin now has an update that fixes a rather specific instance where if the user is to berserk, charm, or confuse itself with an instant action, it would still be able to choose an action to input.

And that’s it for tonight’s updates~

Plugin Updates as of Launch Date to 2016.02.10~

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Message Core v1.10

Extended Message Pack 1 v1.04

Battle Engine Core v1.31

Equip Core v1.09

Party Limit Gauge v1.02a

Instant Cast v1.07a

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To download all available plugins, click here.